Zelensky said, as the heads of regional state administration details

Зеленский рассказал, как будут выбирать глав ОГА: подробности

Vladimir Zelensky in such a serious matter, decided to seek the assistance of professionals

Now worthy candidates for the post of chairmen of regional state administrations should help to choose a recruitment Agency.

To do this, the newly elected President met with the heads of major recruitment companies. Zelensky intends to conduct a transparent competition for these responsible positions, says the press service Zelensky.

Зеленский рассказал, как будут выбирать глав ОГА: подробности

With HR agencies Zelensky were just talking about cooperation and help in finding suitable candidates.

Zelensky added that he and his team contenders for the post of civil servants available, but the necessary “help with tools adequate assessment of these people.”

Also, the winner of the presidential race, he plans to hold a transparent competition to find new talented people and good professionals which, by the way. Must share the value of his and his team.

“It’s not populism, it is our goal. We understand that finding the best professionals who have high competence and results-oriented, not very easy. So I want to invite you to cooperation in this sphere”, – said invited representatives of recruiting agencies Zelensky.

As previously reported, Vladimir Zelensky shared a video message of the religious leaders of the country. So, on his page on Facebook Zelensky has published a video in which the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the head of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate, the chief rabbis of the country, mufti (Muslim spiritual leaders in Ukraine) and the head of the Greek Catholic Church was United for peace.

“The result of meetings with religious leaders was a message of peace for the inhabitants of Crimea and Donbass. Thanks to all who agreed. We are with you! We are together! We are one country!” — wrote Zelensky under the video.

Зеленский рассказал, как будут выбирать глав ОГА: подробности

On the record spiritual leaders wish the Ukrainians of the world and urged to solve the main problem of the country – the war through dialogue, wisdom and forgiveness, not weapons. Representatives of the most popular religions in the country also noted that continuously pray for peace.

In a touching appeal was involved, even the Jewish rabbis, who struggle to speak Ukrainian or even in Russian, insisting that they are residents of Ukraine and they are not indifferent to the fate of the country.

Recall Zelensky urgently appealed to Ukrainians: “don’t forget, today”.

As reported Politeka, inauguration Zelensky was not what it seems: “I play the role of relationships in the world.”

Forget also wrote that Zelensky suddenly left Ukraine: where is now the future President, has an appeal.