Zelensky revealed how to liberate Donbass

Зеленский раскрыл, как будет освобождать Донбасс

Vladimir Zelensky said that, what version of the liberation of the occupied part of Donbass, he stands

The candidate in presidents of Ukraine visited on Thursday, April 18, in a live program “the Right to Vlad” TV channel “1+1”.

Host of the program asked to answer it to the question, what will happen to the Donbass in the case that Zelensky will take the post of head of state. Zelensky said that he is not ready to take decisive military action, and advocated diplomatic option of de-occupation of the Ukrainian territory.

Зеленский раскрыл, как будет освобождать Донбасс

Vladimir Zelensky is not ready to give the order to release the Donbass by military means. So he answered the question of the journalist.

The candidate sounded a quick “No.”

Note also that in the program he spoke about what St. Privat.

Vladimir Zelensky gave a guarantee that the financial institution will be stable and all will be well.

“I guarantee you that I will do everything to PrivatBank was stable Bank in Ukraine and has not affected any economic and banking issues,” — said Zelensky.

He also called the court which adopted the decision on the illegality of the nationalization, “pocket court of the incumbent President”. “I understand that this solution is global and the problem for the next President, but for the current the answer is simple – it seems to me that the society today has received the answer of who is the puppet of Kolomoysky”, — said the candidate.

He added that going to be the protection of Ukraine.

“I’m not going to do any action, will not take part in any corruption schemes, to someone something to return,” claimed Vladimir Zelensky.

Зеленский раскрыл, как будет освобождать Донбасс

We also wrote that Zelensky is strictly configured to participate in the debate. The fact is that, in the program the journalist Dmitry Gordon warned Zelensky from a possible assassination attempt, after all, to ensure complete safety of the candidate at the stadium impossible.

Petro Poroshenko demanded to set two individual scenes in the stadium, and one of them, you can easily blow up. So Gordon turned to Vladimir Zelensky to desist from the debate with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

We will remind, Zelensky had admitted that is afraid of the most: “You’re just like Gunpowder.”

As reported Politeka, danyluk said about the first focus Zelensky-President.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky introduced his team: who will be Komorowski.