Zelensky raged, instant retribution overtook cones Poroshenko: Ukrainians such did not expect

Зеленский разбушевался, мгновенная расплата настигла шишек Порошенко: такого украинцы не ждали

Vladimir Zelensky was a mass dismissal of Ukrainian officials

Monday, August 12, on the official website of the President published the order on dismissal of a number of officials. So, job lost his seven heads of district state administrations of the Donetsk and Lviv regions eleven.

In the Donetsk region was fired:

  • Bojko, the head of the regional administration Oleksandr Romanyuk;
  • the head of the Dobropolsky RGA Dmitry Kurnosov;
  • the head of Constantine RGA Natalia Vinnichenko;
  • Nikolskaya, the head of district administration Oleg Reshetnyak,
  • the head of the Pokrovskaya RGA Anatoly Shishko,
  • the head of the Slavic RGA Eugene danyluk,
  • Chapter Yasinovatskiy RGA Nikolai Kovalenko.

Зеленский разбушевался, мгновенная расплата настигла шишек Порошенко: такого украинцы не ждали

In the Lviv region under the mass dismissal were:

  • Yavorivsky, the head of the RGA Igor Samardak,
  • Chapter starosambirs’kyi district state administration Ivan Gris,
  • the head of Sokal reiteratively Andrey Dyachenko,
  • the head of Skole district state administration Bogdan Janka,
  • the head of Radekhiv district state administration Sergey Iweha,
  • Peremyshlyansky the head of RGA Vladimir Tanina,
  • the head of the Nikolaev district state administration Andrey KOs
  • the head of the Zolochiv Rga Vladimir nedzelskyy,
  • the head of the RGA Zhidachevskiy Peter frost
  • the head of the Brody district state administration Igor Kryskow.

The reason for the dismissal of officials was “the end of the term of office of the President of Ukraine”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Vladimir Zelensky has signed a decree on appointing a new head of Zhytomyr regional state administration.

Зеленский разбушевался, мгновенная расплата настигла шишек Порошенко: такого украинцы не ждали

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has signed a decree appointing Vitali Bunechko for the post of Chairman of the Zhytomyr regional state administration. This is referred to in the message on the Official Internet representation of the President.

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Decree No. 587/2019 appoints new head of Zhytomyr regional state administration. He is Vitaliy Bunechko. About the new Governor of Zhytomyr region there are many — previously he worked in the SBU.

Vitaly Bunechko was born 6 August 1973 in the city of Sarny of Rivne region. In 1995 he graduated from the Volyn state University of Lesya Ukrainka, specialty teacher of history and law. In 1997 he graduated from the Academy of the security Service of Ukraine — he’s a qualified lawyer, candidate of legal Sciences.

It is known that his Declaration Vitaly Bunechko filed July 18. The document says that it is registered in Kiev, actual place of residence — village seaside is in Mariupol.

Recall Zelensky dealt harshly with a top official in the eyes of all, the video spread through the network.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made a fuss in Zhitomir, surfaced the infamous footage.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is preparing a revolution in medicine: how will now be treated the Ukrainians.