Zelensky pushed hard requirement to Putin, saw all of Europe: “Russia must…”

Зеленский выдвинул жесткое требование Путину, это видела вся Европа: "Россия должна..."

On 17 June the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky arrived on an official visit to Paris

The Ukrainian head of state Vladimir Zelensky met with the President of France Emmanuel Makron and spoke at a press conference.

Зеленский выдвинул жесткое требование Путину, это видела вся Европа: "Россия должна..."

Could not in his speech, the Ukrainian President not to touch a sore topic for all Ukrainians relations with Russia.

Vladimir Zelensky has put forward a clear requirement of the Russian Federation.

“Russia must carry out the decision of the International Tribunal and return of 24 Ukrainian sailors. I believe in it “, — said Vladimir at the meeting in Paris.

“Europe will not feel safe until Russia will pretend that international law simply does not exist,” said Zelensky.

The President also said that Kiev is ready for talks with militants of the so-called DNR and LNR, but is willing to continue working in the “Minsk format”.

Зеленский выдвинул жесткое требование Путину, это видела вся Европа: "Россия должна..."

Translator Macron said on his behalf: “Zelensky gave signs with his hand that he is ready to go to a ceasefire, and is ready for dialogue with separatists.”

Zelensky has denied these words.

“There is a small error. We are not ready for dialogue with separatists, that’s what I heard the translation. We are ready to act in the Minsk format. We are ready in the Minsk format to continue the relationship. We are ready to cease fire,” he said.

Recall that in Instagram wife of the head of state was reported the wife of President of France Emmanuel Makron.

“Very glad to accompany her husband on official visits to France and Germany. Our first stop — Paris. And my first meeting with wife of the President of France, Brigitte macron. Thanks to the incredible First lady of France for a friendly conversation, a warm atmosphere, and tips, which she shared,” wrote Zelensky.

Many Ukrainians have expressed admiration for the way the first lady:

“The most beautiful first lady in the history of Ukraine! Elena, You are very harmonious in this image!”, “Elena, You’re adorable!!”, “The style and elegance of the country”, etc.

According to the visit program upon arrival in France Zelensky visited the world’s largest campus for startups “Station F”, opened by the President of France in June 2017.

Recall Zelensky appealed to Ukrainians for help.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made a promise to the relatives of the captured sailors.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin attacked Zelensky, but received in return.