Zelensky prepare a nasty surprise in the Parliament: “not Yet had time to enter the AP”

Зеленскому готовят неприятный сюрприз в Раде: «Еще не успел въехать в АП»

Ukrainian parliamentarians decided to “put a pig” elected President Vladimir Zelensky, while he checked in his Administration

This is reported by Ukrainian journalists.

“While the current President is preparing to leave the AP, and the new enter, in the Parliament propose to limit the powers of the guarantor. Just passed some 80 laws that give the President unusual powers. For example — the appointment of the head of the national Commission. The bill proposed Oksana Syroid. Her bill provides for impeachment proceedings. But she acknowledges that No. remove” President” will be difficult”, — stated in the message.

Зеленскому готовят неприятный сюрприз в Раде: «Еще не успел въехать в АП»

At the same time the initiator of the bill told, why considers impeachment “toothless”.

“Impeachment — this procedure is spelled out in the Constitution. And she, unfortunately, is toothless. Nothing in the law cannot be added. So we have not prescribed — without amending the Constitution — nothing will happen. Because 4/5 of members of Parliament does not happen physically, not to mention that they should vote “For,” said Siroid.

As previously reported, Dmitry Razumkov said that the team newly elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky already have a few ready-made new laws. The speaker of the electoral headquarters of Vladimir Zelensky said on the team’s readiness to submit to the Parliament a new draft laws.

This Dmitry Razumkov said at a briefing on Monday:

“We do not have time to mobilize, we are engaged in this work, we led her throughout the election campaign. Accumulating concept and under it are written the laws so that, when Vladimir will come into its own of the President, he would immediately begin to effectively work and interact with the Parliament”, — he answered a question of journalists, how long will it take the team Zelensky after the inauguration to begin full operation.

We will remind, the first President Kravchuk appealed to Zelensky.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky doubted the sincerity of the greetings Poroshenko.

Also Politeka wrote that plans Zelensky to the Verkhovna Rada.