Zelensky powerfully appealed to Ukrainians in honor of may 9: “Must”

Зеленский мощно обратился к украинцам в честь 9 мая: «Должны»

President-elect Vladimir Zelensky addressed the Ukrainians in honor of may 9 and urged citizens to be grateful for the opportunity to be “born and live”

This is stated in the Telegram-channel “Command Zelensky”.

“Today, on may 9. This is our Thanksgiving. Gratitude for the fact that the abhorrent ideology of Nazism is gone forever. Thanks to those who fought Nazism and won. Just thank you all for the opportunity to be born and live. The war touched every Ukrainian family. The contribution of Ukrainians to the victory is huge. Nobody has the right to privatize this victory, to say that it could have happened without Ukrainians”, — he said.

Зеленский мощно обратился к украинцам в честь 9 мая: «Должны»

Zelensky also told where any of his relatives, he remembered that day.

“Today I am at the grave of his grandfather Semyon Ivanovich Zelensky. He went through the war and remained forever in my memory as one of those heroes who defended Ukraine from the Nazis. It is a pity that we so seldom remember our veterans, their grandfathers and grandmothers. We must be grateful for every day. Remember those who died. And honor those who are still alive, they have very little”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, before the action “Immortal regiment” in the center of Kiev was arrested scandalous ex-regionalka that broke the law.

“Before the action “Immortal regiment” in the center of Kiev detained the mother of the deceased former MP of the “Party of regions” Elena Berezhnaya. The woman tried to get to the perimeter of the March in a t-shirt in the colors of St. George ribbon”, — stated in the message.

Note that according to Ukrainian legislation, the ribbon is equivalent to the symbolism of totalitarian regimes. A public demonstration it assumes administrative responsibility.

It is noteworthy that after a verbal altercation with police officers, Careful was detained by police.

Specify that the action itself was not without clashes. During the protest, was seen the man with the “Colorados”, but the situation managed to stabilize the police.

Зеленский мощно обратился к украинцам в честь 9 мая: «Должны»

Recall that thousands of Ukrainians will be left without citizenship.

We also wrote that Russia invites Ukrainians in all ways.

Even politeka reported that Zelensky has explained the need for dual citizenship.