Zelensky obsessed with heritage Poroshenko made the statement: “no dictatorship can not do”

Зеленский всерьез взялся за наследие Порошенко, сделано заявление: "без диктатуры не обойтись"

The new government headed by Vladimir Zelensky intends to fight a grim legacy, and without the dictatorship they can not do

Shared this opinion analyst and political scientist Alexander Kochetkov.

“The new government headed by Vladimir Zelensky going from dark heritage to fight. And without a dictatorship in one form or another shadow government can’t win.”, — said the guard.

The situation in the country is critical, says analyst. Power actually lost control and regulatory functions and mode of samopoznanie. The evidence is practically legalized smuggling, predatory deforestation, barbaric extraction of amber and other minerals and much more. Due to this the shadow areas live whole regions, in any case, their ruling elite.

Under this concept of dictatorship he means the willingness to make the right decisions and the ability to immediately implement in a single bundle of presidential, legislative and Executive authorities, as well as severe discipline, the lack of which today is destroying even the right initiatives of the government.

“Obviously, all the prerequisites for such a dictatorship there. And the President clearly ready Zelensky these prerequisites are — here is another obvious parallel with the reign of Leonid Kuchma.”, the analyst writes.

Зеленский всерьез взялся за наследие Порошенко, сделано заявление: "без диктатуры не обойтись"

But Ukraine did not return to “Kuchmism” required effective fuses, said the guard. Such a dictatorship must be limited in time and to act within certain public procedures.

“Zelensky said (and I still believe) that he came only for five years, so that the restricted period of all the rules. Accordingly, the need publicly stated the transformation plan of the country. It needs to be one plan — President Zelensky, his monopolista in the Parliament and its government, formed by this monopolistom, no matter in the office of the President or in the Cabinet with the Parliament it will develop.”, — said the guard.

Зеленский всерьез взялся за наследие Порошенко, сделано заявление: "без диктатуры не обойтись"

Also a need for a transparent procedure for the implementation of this plan, that the public could see the results.

Such publicity is, perhaps, the only guarantee that a dictatorship will be effective. Because our society has repeatedly demonstrated how it is able to put in place presumptuous rulers and their unhygienic surroundings. And the government will have to reckon with this.

Vladimir Zelensky is on the post of the President of Ukraine for more than 80 days.

Within the time specified in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered two dozen bills initiated by the head of state himself.

It is worth noting that most of the legislative initiatives of the President did not come to the session hall, and a certain part of the people’s representatives not included in the agenda. In particular, it touched upon the projects, which included changing the electoral system of MPs and impeachment.

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Earlier, political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky said that President Vladimir Zelensky has not yet taken any action to correct the error made in the election campaign.

“Declaring his political opponents as the “party of war”, he thereby literally took the standard discourse of the Kremlin propaganda, put the blame for the outbreak of war not only Poroshenko, but Ukraine as a state. As a result, five and a half years of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian state, Russian aggression was actually Zelenski declared war waged by Ukraine”, — he said.

Not less rough, according to the analyst, are the actions Zelensky against the so-called “party of war”.

“…Zelensky called this war not Russia’s aggression against Ukraine a “civil conflict” that should be resolved by the Ukrainians”, — he stressed.

At the same time, according to the expert, Zelensky are beginning to realize “the disastrous fact that he went on about Kremlin propaganda, but doesn’t know how to get out of the trap, which is itself driven”.

We will remind, Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine is waiting for a sharp rise in GDP. The President said at a joint press conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

According to the head of Ukraine in the coming years, GDP will grow 5-7% per year. For this autumn should conduct some necessary reforms.

Vladimir Zelensky said that his team has full mandate for change, and his chance to change the country the new government will take.

Recall, surfaced the scandalous details of the meeting Zelensky and Bartholomew, “not agreed”.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made a fatal mistake at the meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky took a friend of Putin, Erdogan made a statement, which was expected by all Ukrainians.