Zelensky named his main goal as President: “I Want to win”

Зеленский назвал свою главную цель на посту президента: «Хотим добиться победы»

Vladimir Zelensky, for the first time openly declared its long-term goal as President

The newly elected President of Ukraine has held a meeting with Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada Christ Freeland, during which he disclosed the purpose of his team.

It is reported Glavred with reference to the press service Zelensky.

The meeting was held in Kyiv on Wednesday, may 8.

During the conversation the winner of the presidential elections and the foreign Minister of Canada raised the issue of the fight against corruption.

“We don’t want to talk about the fight against corruption, we want to achieve victory over it,” said Zelensky.

He also revealed the plan of his team, which will help to achieve this goal. The idea Zelensky, to win over by bribery it is important to limit contact of the Ukrainians with officials.

Зеленский назвал свою главную цель на посту президента: «Хотим добиться победы»

“Our goal is the state of the smartphone”, — said Vladimir Zelensky.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that Zelensky has set the date for the inauguration of the most convenient for inhabitants of Kiev day.

About it in a video interview Politeka said the political analyst Dmitry Razumkov.

According to him, the inauguration, you can assign and 18-th may and 20 th. The fact that the date is 19-th of may is chosen in order not to load the capital on weekdays, and not to interfere with the celebrations of 18 may.

“19-th number is the day. If 14-that number will vote still Happy for the inauguration of the 19-th, it is necessary to leave at least a few days at the invitation of foreign guests. Time for this little graphics dignitaries quite dense and hard to be adjusted, so you should invite all the maximum in advance,” explains Razumkov.

Зеленский назвал свою главную цель на посту президента: «Хотим добиться победы»

The analyst also commented on about the day of the inauguration. Razumkov notes that the inauguration is not a show, this procedure is of national importance.

It is a solemn event, but in no way entertaining. Therefore, the fact that the 19 of may in Ukraine is celebrated the day of memory of victims of political repression, does not conflict with the date of inauguration.

Recall, the best solution to the conflict in the Donbas: “without Zelensky’t do it.”

As reported Politeka, Savchenko laid eyes on Zelensky and chose a position.

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