Zelensky make life easier for Ukrainians, the document is already in the Parliament: what you need to know

Зеленский облегчит жизнь украинкам, документ уже в Раде: что нужно знать

President Vladimir Zelensky has decided to drastically ease the life of Ukrainian pensioners

In particular, in a short time, the Verkhovna Rada plans to consider the proposals of President Vladimir Zelensky to the draft law “On amendments to the law of Ukraine “On compulsory state pension insurance” (concerning the improvement of pension provision)”.

It is worth noting that this bill is in the Parliament since the end of 2014, but was not finally adopted.

Зеленский облегчит жизнь украинкам, документ уже в Раде: что нужно знать

Parliamentarians adopted it in 2015 and sent for the signature of ex-President Petro Poroshenko, but he vetoed it. Explaining his decision, the President has drawn attention to the deficit of the Pension Fund and the inability to enforce this law. Then he invited MPs to change the law, but before that it never came.

Later this month, President Vladimir Zelensky introduced to the Verkhovna Rada his proposals to the bill. In that case, if the MPs will support the project, with the 2022 Ukrainka will be able to retire not with a 55 and 50 years.

However, as stated in the document, they will be able to go before retirement, provided that they will at that time have 30 years of experience. Moreover, combining pension and formal employment, the law also will ban.

Зеленский облегчит жизнь украинкам, документ уже в Раде: что нужно знать

Previously, we reported that Vladimir Zelensky have prepared for the Ukrainians a surprise. As you know, the draft state budget of Ukraine for 2020 provides increase in the minimum wage to UAH 4723. This information during the briefing was announced by the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova.

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The increase in the minimum wage in Ukraine, as is known, directly affects the increase of pensions. This mechanism inherent in the pension reform. The formula of calculation of payments consists of three indicators: the average salary over the last three years multiplied by the ratio of own wage to the average, the number of years worked and the 1%.

The growth of the minimal salary, as you know, affects the average wage, therefore, automatically increases the size of pension payments to those who receive them according to the given formula. Those Ukrainians who receive pensions less than the minimum, just lift them up to the previously announced government targets.

Recall that the Ukrainians have tightened the requirements for retirement

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians have radically changed the issue of pensions and grants

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