Zelensky made an urgent statement on Donbass: “we Have to build…”

Зеленский сделал срочное заявление о Донбассе: «Придется строить…»

Vladimir Zelensky said the solution to the problem on the occupied territories of Donbass

The President of Ukraine said at a meeting with veterans of the ATO.

Vladimir Zelensky met with veterans ATO and environmental protection, opponents of the “formula of Steinmeier,” that before the went to the Maidan to the Chamber against the surrender of the country.

Зеленский сделал срочное заявление о Донбассе: «Придется строить…»

At the meeting, Zelensky made a promise to veterans to solve the problem of Donbass and called the timing, according to telegrams-channel aavst.

The head of state stressed that gives himself to the solution of this issue one year. If he doesn’t, then Ukraine will begin construction of a “shaft”.

“To solve the problem of Donbass will try for a year, if that doesn’t work, you will have to construct the shaft,” reads the message telegrams channel.

Earlier we wrote that Vladimir Zelensky voiced his own plan regarding the fate of Donbass.

The President said that his first priority as President is ending the war in the Donbas through diplomatic channels. He also added that the introduction of the peacekeeping mission in the Donbas is not considered.

“Those who bravely defends Ukraine should return victorious. We need to end the war and return to its territory. But I have repeatedly said that the only way to do this is diplomacy,” said Vladimir Zelensky.

In addition, he stated that the issue of the introduction of the peacekeeping mission in the Donbas is not raised in Minsk and of itself raises.

“I am very cautious of the subject of peacekeepers in the Donbass. I don’t want us to have Abkhazian script was the script of the Dnieper. I don’t raise the issue of peacekeepers in Minsk not raise this issue. I’m happy, if peacekeepers are on the border of Ukraine and Russia — here we invite them,” said the President of Ukraine.

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Зеленский сделал срочное заявление о Донбассе: «Придется строить…»

It was also reported that Vladimir Zelensky has published on his personal page in Facebook post, in which he said that for him happiness, and what it should be for Ukrainians. The President has placed a joint photo with his wife Elena and admitted that for him happiness when she’s around and smiles.

In addition, the President wrote that the Ukrainians will be able to be happy when you defeat the main enemies of war, poverty, corruption and envy.

Recall that the return of the Donbass very close, called nuances: “you can capture any part of the territory.”

As reported Politeka, the return of Donbass: the EU has taken an unexpected step.

Also Politeka wrote that the strongest ally of Ukraine has set Zelensky to a standstill due to the Donbass