Zelensky made an important statement after a meeting with bankers: “Equal rules of the game”

Зеленский сделал важное заявление после встречи с банкирами: «Равные правила игры»

Vladimir Zelensky told foreign bankers that “people are scared and don’t trust banks”

The newly elected President of Ukraine has held a very important meeting with the heads of leading foreign banks in Ukraine.

So, at a meeting with the new head of state was attended by Director of Raiffaisen Bank Aval, Pravex Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, City Group, SEB, Piraeus, Credit West Bank, ProCredit Bank, Alfa Bank, Deutsche Bank. Were also invited representatives of the Independent Association of banks of Ukraine, the Telegram reported on the official channel of the President “Team Zelensky”.

Зеленский сделал важное заявление после встречи с банкирами: «Равные правила игры»

First of all, Zelensky assured bankers that will act as a guarantor for each major investor who decides to come to Ukraine and start to invest.

Also Vladimir Zelensky also noted that his priority is ensuring macroeconomic stability through the independence of the national Bank of Ukraine, as well as “cooperation with the IMF and compliance with balanced policy in the sphere of public Finance.”

He agreed with the representatives of foreign banks in our country that the cornerstone for economic growth and attracting foreign investment is judicial reform and the protection of the rights of investors and creditors.

The newly elected head of state believes that it is important to ensure transparent and equal rules for all banks and for private and for government. Zelensky also supported the reform of corporate governance in state-owned banks, which would eliminate political influence on them.

Managers of financial institutions, in turn, assured Zelensky that will support it and are ready to mutual cooperation.

The head of the Forum for leading international financial institutions Taras Kirichenko added that today it is very important that “banks do lend to the real sector of the economy that loans were more accessible to responsible borrowers and households”.

Зеленский сделал важное заявление после встречи с банкирами: «Равные правила игры»

Also Vladimir Zelensky expressed confidence that banks will meet and consider the Bank loan rate to decrease, which, in the words of the head of state, will “help the economy”.

“The decrease in interest rates will give a boost to economic growth. Because now people are scared and don’t trust the banks,” said Zelensky.

Recall that Poroshenko desperately opposed Zelensky: “my God, Volodya, please.”

As reported Politeka, trump is ready to support Zelensky, putting forward conditions: “if Only…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is the sentence: to become aware of new relations between Ukraine and Russia.