Zelensky made a splash on the head of the world Bank: “ready to help”, the details of the triumph

Зеленский произвел фурор на главу Всемирного банка: "готов помогать", детали триумфа

Became known details of the important meeting between President Vladimir Zelensky, Director of the world Bank David Melason

The head of the world Bank wrote in his personal column for the publication the Financial Times, reports Left Bank.

It is noted that the meeting was a success and Ukraine got serious financial friend who was “ready to help”.

Зеленский произвел фурор на главу Всемирного банка: "готов помогать", детали триумфа

So, President Vladimir Zelensky at the meeting with David Malpaso announced plans to carry out land reform, to complete unbundling “Naftogaz” to de-monopolize the economy and state-owned enterprises, and promised to respect the independence of the NBU.

Following the meeting, after which David Malpas was pleased with the Director of the world Bank listed the basic steps needed to accelerate economic growth in Ukraine.

“A critical first step is to attract large investments. To do this, Ukraine will need to allow market competition, eliminate monopolies and strengthen the rule of law. State-owned enterprises are present in nearly 30 sectors of the economy and occupy a significant market share of more than half of the markets where they work,” — says financial expert.

As for the banking sector, David Malpas advised Ukraine to introduce a mechanism for writing off fully provided non-performing loans, and to ensure management and Supervisory Board of banks and protection from unjustified prosecution. At the meeting he also appealed to President Vladimir Zelensky as soon as possible to complete the appointment of independent Supervisory Board in state-owned banks and to protect the independence of the national Bank.

Зеленский произвел фурор на главу Всемирного банка: "готов помогать", детали триумфа

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“Ukraine ranks first in area of arable land in Europe but yields per hectare are much lower than in France or Germany. One oligarch controls the group of companies, which produces more than 80% of mineral fertilizers,” he touched the head of the world Bank topics of agriculture, which, in the opinion of Malpas, should take Ukraine.

Also at the meeting, he urged Ukraine to lift the moratorium on sale of agricultural land and to start the land market. Malpas no doubt that this will be the impetus for investment in mechanization and irrigation, will encourage the transition to production of products with higher added value, improve access to capital, small farms.

“At our meeting, the President Zelensky has confirmed several key points of growth to which I will refer in his meetings in the G7… a big vote of confidence to the authorities opens the way to rapid change, and the world Bank is committed to support you in this difficult journey towards a more free and strong Ukraine”, — summed up the Director of the world Bank in his personal column for the Financial Times.

We will remind, at first Zelensky said that thinking about “free” money for parties.

As reported Politeka, Razumkov revealed the truth about the new heads of the defense Ministry and the foreign Ministry: “the prerogative of the President.”

Politeka also wrote that the launch of the Parliament under the threat of failure, to such “public servants” are not ready.