Zelensky is preparing hard for the change that flared details: “in China”

Зеленский готовит жесткие перемены, вспыли детали: "как в Китае"

Newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky figured out how to monitor the transparency of the activities of civil servants

This was stated by the head of the Kyiv Chapter SingularityU and co-organizer iForum Igor Novikov.

“He really believes officials, if not by the servants, the managers appointed by the people. The question is how to make accountability and processes involving the civil servant, as transparent as possible. Camera — one of the tools. Today is all the technology to know the officer better than he knows himself”, — he said.

According to him, the newly elected head of the state is to development innovations in the country to various sectors of the economy earned.

Зеленский готовит жесткие перемены, вспыли детали: "как в Китае"

“In our country there are no candidates who understand everything. Everyone has a team who are trying to form a candidate map knowledge and capabilities in various fields. For example, I was gladdened by the fact that innovation in team ze was not the latest theme and they are almost from day one began to look for people who could share with them this knowledge,” says Novikov.

He claims that if Ukraine does not begin to change radically in the near future, it will soon disappear from politicheskih cards.

“Based on the global context, we can confidently assert, from the innovation policy of the President and the parliamentary elections depends the future of Ukraine. If in 5-10 years Ukraine is not radically begin to change, it will not. Our economy is seriously outdated and requires a major overhaul. So far we are moving by inertia, but in 3-5 years things will change. All who can — go, others give up, to not die of hunger,” says co-organizer iForum.

We add that the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky, after which he will officially become the President of Ukraine, will be held before 3 June. The CEC should formally establish and announce the results of the second round of elections not later than may 1, 2019, making the Protocol.

Зеленский готовит жесткие перемены, вспыли детали: "как в Китае"

Then, no later than may 4, the CEC shall publish in the Newspapers “Golos Ukrainy” and “Uriadovy courier” information about the results of the second round of voting. This is the official announcement of results of presidential elections in Ukraine. The law established that the President-elect needs to enter the post, bringing the oath to the people at a ceremonial meeting of the Ukrainian Parliament not later than 3 June.

Note that in the team of Vladimir Zelensky hope to the inauguration on may 19. This lawyer Andrei Bogdan.

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