Zelensky is preparing for the first meeting with Putin, revealed the timeline: the Kremlin became alarmed

Зеленский готовится к первой встрече с Путиным, раскрыты сроки: в Кремле насторожились

Vladimir Zelensky has told about preparation of the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

According to the Ukrainian President, he plans to soon discuss with Putin, the timing of the meeting in the “Norman format.” About Zelensky said during a meeting with Finnish President Niinisto of Soulie September 12.

“We are not going to waste a single day waiting for a meeting in the “Normandy format”. We have another meeting of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk. And there we are discussing the stages of the return of all our Ukrainian prisoners. Terms and stages”, — said the President of Ukraine.

He added that at the upcoming meeting in “Norman format” will be raised the issue of introduction of “formula Steinmeier”.

Зеленский готовится к первой встрече с Путиным, раскрыты сроки: в Кремле насторожились

Formula Steinmeier” and all points of the Minsk agreements will be made will be the decision of the leaders of the four countries,” — said Zelensky.

He stressed that he hoped for the possibility of holding this meeting in September.

We reported earlier that the Verkhovna Rada adopted the decision on the strategic bill, which the Parliament made President Vladimir Zelensky.

It is reported that Parliament decided to adopt the bill No. 1011 by President Vladimir Zelensky on the Plan of defense of Ukraine

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In particular, for the secret plan of the head of state voted 316 servants of the people.

Yesterday the parliamentary Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security, defense and intelligence recommended that MPs adopt bill No. 1011 Zelensky authorship of the Plan of defense of Ukraine.

Зеленский готовится к первой встрече с Путиным, раскрыты сроки: в Кремле насторожились

As you know, the project envisages legislative regulation of the publication of the Plan of defense of Ukraine and granting a right to President Vladimir Zelensky argue its possible structure.

“The adoption of this law will create conditions for training of public authorities, all components of the security sector and defense of Ukraine, bodies of local self-government, a unified system of civil protection, the national economy to the translation from peacetime to martial law and repel armed aggression, the elimination of armed conflict, as well as readiness of the population and the territory of the state to defense”, — stated in the explanatory note that was attached to the bill.

Recall, Zelensky made a statement, which Putin can rejoice.

As reported Politeka, a friend of Ukraine after a meeting with Zelensky had admitted in great friendship with Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin used the “servants of the people” against Zelensky.