Zelensky is preparing for a fateful meeting in Japan: such Putin is not expected

Зеленский готовится к судьбоносной встрече в Японии: такого Путин не ожидал

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in October can visit Japan

This was stated by the Deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Vadim pristayko

Zelensky can take part in the announcement ceremony of the Emperor of the country of Naruhito elder son who had renounced the title of Emperor Akihito on the occasion of his accession to the throne.

“This visit is planned,” — said Vadim pristayko.

In the framework of the visit also envisages a meeting of the President Zelensky with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and discuss the situation in Eastern Ukraine.

Зеленский готовится к судьбоносной встрече в Японии: такого Путин не ожидал

Earlier it was reported that on 19 August Vladimir Zelensky will hold talks with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in the framework of his visit to Ukraine. On Wednesday, August 14, reported the press service of the President of Ukraine. In addition to the official talks, Vladimir Zelensky and Netanyahu will jointly commemorate the victims of the tragedy in Babi Yar, where during the Second world war, the German occupiers shot according to various estimates from 70 to 200 thousand people.

Note that Netanyahu, a longtime and close friend of Putin. The Prime Minister of Israel openly sympathetic to the head of the Kremlin and meets with him.

Зеленский готовится к судьбоносной встрече в Японии: такого Путин не ожидал

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Earlier, one of the most famous buildings in tel Aviv- “the House of Jabotinsky” – a huge banner with a height of ten floors, which depicted Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The photo was accompanied with the name of the Israeli Prime Minister and the inscription “the other League”. The idea of the party Likud and Netanyahu to use in the election campaign, the image of the Russian President harshly criticized and recalled the Russian aggression in Ukraine and human rights violations in Russia.

After winning Zelensky elected Prime Minister of Israel congratulated him and invited him to visit Israel. Netanyahu was last in Kiev in his first term as Prime Minister, in March 1999.

Recall that Zelensky will fulfill the main requirement of the Ukrainians begin an unprecedented commotion.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made a fatal mistake at the meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch: “in the footsteps of Poroshenko.”

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky took a friend of Putin, Erdogan made a statement, which was expected by all Ukrainians.