Zelensky is preparing a new high-profile appointments: Gritsenko may head national security Council

Зеленский готовит новые громкие назначения: Гриценко может возглавить СНБО

Immediately after the early parliamentary elections in Ukraine will be a serious change in the leadership of the country

As it became known “Politrade” from own sources in the presidential Administration, Vladimir Zelensky seriously considering the candidacy of the ex-presidential candidate Anatoly Gritsenko, as the new head of the national security Council.

This information has not been announced officially, the team President is waiting for the results of the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Say they want to comply with the promises regarding the appointment of people who trust the Ukrainians. After the voting is done, the number of high-profile appointments.

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As reported by our source, Zelensky has long considering the appointment of Gritsenko. While cooperation is reduced to the stage of consultations in the field of security and defense. Now, when the last data of sociologists showed that the rating of Gritsenko and his political strength grows, contacts between politicians has intensified.

“A month later, Zelensky will be able to offer Gritsenko post of the head of the national security Council. It is quite logical”, said our source.

We will remind earlier “Politrada” reported that the latest ratings of political parties. According to these data, almost half of the votes gets a “servant of the people”, followed by “the Opposition platform For life” and Fatherland. Poroshenko’s party due to the toxicity of its members began a sharp decline, but “citizenship” Gritsenko, there has been significant growth.