Zelensky have uncovered a way to reduce gas prices: in September

У Зеленского раскрыли способ снижения цены на газ: уже в сентябре

In September between Ukraine and the International monetary Fund will negotiate

Kiev intends to ask the IMF to soften its demands on gas tariffs for the population, said the representative of the President’s Cabinet Andrew Gerus.

During the talks would focus on the new cooperation program, RBC-Ukraine online reports.

“The position is, to a softer position of the IMF in gas prices and the liberalization of the gas market,” said Gerus.

According to him, it is necessary to win consumers.

“… it will be the usual talks, there will be questions on how best to liberalize the gas market, how to build a free, competitive market that benefited consumers”, – said the representative of the President in the Cabinet.

У Зеленского раскрыли способ снижения цены на газ: уже в сентябре

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Bohdan Danylyshyn said earlier that after the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine needs to form a parliamentary coalition, which will create the government. Just after the appearance of the new Cabinet would begin negotiations on a new program of cooperation with IMF.

The NBU predict that the new cooperation program between Ukraine and the IMF will be calculated on 3-4 years and the amount will be 5-10 billion dollars.

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In August, the price of gas for the population will change. About it reports a press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

У Зеленского раскрыли способ снижения цены на газ: уже в сентябреgas prices,

The price of gas for Ukrainians will fall by at least 5.5%, which is in comparison with July. It will be no greater than 4.64 thousand UAH without VAT per thousand cubic meters thus, the gas price for population in Ukraine will be reduced in total by 25%. This is a record mark for the last time:

“Despite the resistance of the monopolist, we have found a solution and made “Naftogaz” to sell the public gas is cheaper. The price for blue fuel for the population as a whole for the three months decreased from 5803 to 4640 UAH without VAT. As a result of government regulations, the price of gas has fallen by 25%,” — said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

Recall, Zelensky named factors that will affect the price of gas.

We also wrote that the rules of subsidies will change.