Zelensky have revealed the future of the sea of Azov: “Point of no return is passed”

У Зеленского раскрыли будущее Азовского моря: «Точка невозврата пройдена»

Advisor to the Ukrainian President-elect Vladimir Zelensky told what the future holds for the sea of Azov

About Ivan Apartin told reporters “Apostrophe”.

“You have to understand that in the Azov sea today, we are not able to resist Russia. And here I didn’t want our experts demanded that a new President without delay to restore the naval forces. Start there to build two new bases, what does it do? Do they think that it is possible to stop the aggression of Russia, built on the beachfront the base? It’s like with the “wall” on the border with Russia — it does nothing to help,” he said.

У Зеленского раскрыли будущее Азовского моря: «Точка невозврата пройдена»

Thus, according to Uparsin, it is now important that was not passed “the point of no return”.

“There is a warning system: go team in training — and we know about it, late — know this, filed the inventory question, but why has filed the inventory? Maybe hospitals have begun to deploy? There are thousands of indicators that are tracked every day situation. And there comes a point when we say that the point of no return is passed. Therefore, it is more important not to miss this moment. And to not miss, it is necessary to respond adequately”, — he stressed.

As reported earlier, adviser to Vladimir Zelensky said about the two ways to return to Ukraine’s Russian-occupied territory.

Donbass can be freed from the invaders in the next five years, but Crimea will require much more time. In an interview, said the Advisor of the newly elected President on security and defense Ivan Uparsin.

The expert at the moment finds it impossible to return the Donbass and Crimea militarily. Ivan Apartin said he was ready to consider the details and to organize an offensive against the Russian occupation forces. But it threatens Ukraine with dire consequences.

У Зеленского раскрыли будущее Азовского моря: «Точка невозврата пройдена»

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