Zelensky have returned a verdict of Ukrainian courts and articulated the shameful facts

У Зеленского вынесли вердикт украинским судам: озвучены позорные факты

Judicial reform in Ukraine held so that judges were controlled by the presidential Administration

Such opinion on air of the Ukrainian TV channel was sounded by the adviser to Vladimir Zelensky Ruslan riaboshapka, reports the portal 24.

He noted that as a result of judicial reform was built a certain hierarchy, which is closed in the presidential Administration, due to which Ukrainian judges are unable to become independent.

У Зеленского вынесли вердикт украинским судам: озвучены позорные факты

Ryaboshapka noticed that the role of the High Council of justice and High qualifications Commission was built supposedly direct ties, but these two bodies are kept in awe and communication with Bank the entire judicial system.

“It is obvious that the High Council of justice is composed of many people, which can not be called neutral and politically stangarone. The problem is that we will not be able by law to restart the GRP because it is protected by the Constitution. Therefore, we like and have a successful judicial reform, but at the same time there are such shameful facts of bad faith,” explained one of the advisers to President-elect Vladimir Zelensky.

The expert also told how in today’s reality to improve the work of these two bodies. According to him, to improve the work of these two bodies it is necessary to attract a larger number of public or international experts.

Summing up, Ryaboshapka declared that NACP in principle incapable on no chance to update it.

“There obviously needs to be new leadership and “cleaned” the machine. And NABU and SAP still have a chance, if they start to work together,” he concluded.

У Зеленского вынесли вердикт украинским судам: озвучены позорные факты

We reported earlier that the Petro Poroshenko on the eve of inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky put a spoke in the wheel of the newly elected President. About it in the comment journalists were told by the political expert Nikolay Spiridonov.

According to him, the fact that the current President Petro Poroshenko continues to appoint people of his entourage at various positions , from a moral point of view is not good. Political analyst Nikolai Spiridonov also noticed that the previous President after losing the election did not conduct himself well, but Vladimir Zelensky can challenge all the decisions of Petro Poroshenko April 21.

We will remind, the source revealed details of the interrogation Poroshenko: what Lutsenko.

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko disgraced a Grand theft in the center of Kiev.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko staged a final attack against the Ukrainians: “the State will cease to exist.”