Zelensky have put in place a journalist, cynically insulted the Ukrainians: “the Country of the plebeians”

У Зеленского поставили на место журналиста, цинично оскорбившего украинцев: "Страна плебеев"

One of the close associates of President Vladimir Zelensky Dmitry Razumkov walked through the journalist Ostap Drozdov, who has insulted Ukrainians

In particular, the well-known Ukrainian journalist Ostap Drozdov has called Ukrainians “plebs”.

The cause of such statements were the results of presidential and parliamentary elections, in which the crushing victory was won by Vladimir Zelensky and the “servant of the people”.

У Зеленского поставили на место журналиста, цинично оскорбившего украинцев: "Страна плебеев"

Razumkov responded to the words of the journalist after they were announced in a live political talk show “Right to Vlad”.

“What do say? 73% voted for Zelensky. We have a country of plebeians? This is the normal attitude of the people of this country, who came and made a conscious choice? Like it or not, but it is their choice! Not yours! And if you allow yourself to call people plebs, how then should they call you?” — indignantly asked the leader of the “servant of the people”.

“I have too much to think about his opponents, but I will not allow someone of us spoke about the people who voted for them”, — summed up the President’s close associate live.

У Зеленского поставили на место журналиста, цинично оскорбившего украинцев: "Страна плебеев"

Earlier it was reported that on 25 July the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky met with the newly elected people’s deputies from party “the servant of the people” to discuss a number of fundamental issues. Details of the meeting revealed the newly elected MP from “public Servants” Bohdan Yaremenko, posting a video message on his page in Facebook.

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“There was a meeting with the faction” people’s Servants “with the President. The President said, Bogdan, Bakanov, Razumkov, Sefir. A very simple message: the President and his closest entourage wanted to pay attention and to emphasize that we are still human beings, because we have a big responsibility, ” — said Yaremenko.

According to the politician, Vladimir Zelensky, to demonstrate the seriousness of its intentions, said that if he loses control of the faction, if the talk about the corruption of deputies from the “Servants” will become popular, the President is ready to act harshly and his hand will not tremble to dissolve Parliament.

Recall, Zelensky a verdict of de-communization, “This is wrong”.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky hard set the “Servants of the people” the place was a hoot: a video that explains it all.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has conducted a sensational campaign against Putin: “It is worthy!”