Zelensky have put an end to the fate of PrivatBank: “It’s impossible”

У Зеленского поставили точку в судьбе ПриватБанка: "Это невозможно"

The team newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky said about the future of Privat

According to the Advisor of the future head of state, the ex-Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk, to execute the judgment on the illegal nationalization “PrivatBank” and return it to former owners is impossible.

“We see that the judicial process has accelerated markedly. Before the second round of the District administrative court of Kiev recognized illegal nationalization “PrivatBank”. Even if we assume that the higher courts will endorse that decision, it will be impossible to perform. Has no practical way to make full restitution of “PrivatBank” and return it to the previous owners, ” said danyluk.

According to him, the state has invested in the Bank more than 150 billion UAH, and in the case of restitution she will take your contribution and the Bank’s capital will decrease by 150 billion.

“Accordingly, after that” PrivatBank “will not meet the requirements of the national Bank and should be withdrawn from the market”, — said danyluk.

У Зеленского поставили точку в судьбе ПриватБанка: "Это невозможно"

Advisor Zelensky says, even if to give respite new-old (in this case) owners, this will not help: “Imagine the reaction of customers of the Bank, knowing about the availability of capital in the Bank “little” hole at 150 billion Obviously, the option of a return is impossible from a practical point of view. It is not a flying design. So I chose (the ex-owners — ed.) option compensation, ” he said.

While danyluk stated that the court decision on compensation to the former owners or the return of “PrivatBank” will be forced to pay the taxpayers.

He also admitted that the team Zelensky conflict of interest due to the fact that the lawyer Andrei Bogdan (also included in the team Zelensky) ensure the interests of the former owners of “PrivatBank” in the courts against the state, and danyluk as the Minister was engaged in the nationalization of the Bank.

“We were on different sides of the barricades. Therefore, I believe that now none of us should touch on the theme of “Private” and even theoretically be able to influence further developments. Should be built a wall between us and the case of “Private”, otherwise it will undermine the trust and discreditied of the President “, — said danyluk.

Moreover, according to danyluk, he is confident that the President should not engage with the history of “PrivatBank”.

У Зеленского поставили точку в судьбе ПриватБанка: "Это невозможно"

“He needs to think about the future, and in this context it should be interested in the reform of the judicial system. To the reformed, the court issued a fair decision to be taken by the society, ” he said.

Recall, PrivatBank disgraced problems with payment through the terminal.

We also wrote that the account of the client of PrivatBank were frozen just like that.

Yet it was reported that PrivatBank has started freezing the accounts of active Ukrainians and suspension of operations.