Zelensky have prepared for the Ukrainians a tax revolution! It will be obliged to do? Fatal changes

Зеленский уготовил украинцам налоговую революцию! Что обяжут делать? Роковые изменения

Team newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky voiced directions of reforming of tax system of Ukraine

About it writes portal 24.

According to the representative Zelensky Danil Getmantsev, the team newly elected President involve several stages of reforming this system: the digitalization of taxes, the white salary and the universal Declaration.

Зеленский уготовил украинцам налоговую революцию! Что обяжут делать? Роковые изменения

Advisor chamber of Commerce and industry of Ukraine Oleg Likhovid, communicating with journalists, said that the view tax reporting information from the IRS via smartphone (digitalization of taxes) is already done by the previous team

The representative of the Vladimir Zelensky complains that over the past 5 years, the state stopped only on the electronic VAT Declaration. Lead financial analyst Gleb Segid noticed that the digitalization necessary for all the state apparatus: how about the inner work and communication with businesses and citizens.

With regard to the universal Declaration, the representative Trading-industrial chamber Oleg Likhovid agree with Danil by Getmanceva. However, according to the expert, it is necessary to specify in advance exactly who will be responsible for the calculation and payment of taxes themselves: payer-natural persons, income source, legal entity, which is forcibly appointed tax agent.

“Good idea – the responsibility of the state to the taxpayer for illegal actions. Only if you stand on solid ground of our lives, it is hard to imagine a court that recognizes at least some of the state’s actions illegal. To prove this, only a physical person who will erase his legs in the way to the European court of human rights. So this already works now. And Ukraine there are leaders in the number of lawsuits towards its own citizens,” explained likhavid

Зеленский уготовил украинцам налоговую революцию! Что обяжут делать? Роковые изменения

Analyst Gleb Segid reacted negatively to this initiative and noted that Ukraine is not ready for the universal Declaration.

“Neither citizens nor tax authorities are not ready for it. And if you do not find authorities to track tax evasion, what’s the point with the universal Declaration,” he said.

Another financial expert Igor Markevich convinced that the idea of replacing the income tax with a tax on the capital (Nnwc) is discussed and popular among the representatives of the Pro-European and transparent business.

“If in the first years of the new tax (Nnwc) no compensators are found or not respectively cut costs – such a law, and the budget will not be supported by the IMF. So, stop the cooperation and the flow of the trenches. But Ukraine has a lot to pay the debt in 2020-21 years”, — explained his point of view Gleb Segida.

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