Zelensky have planned a strike on taxes: “organize Amnesty”, details

У Зеленского запланировали удар по налогам: "организуют амнистию", детали

The team of Vladimir Zelensky told how after his inauguration will be to reform the tax system of our country

This writes the news portal 24.

As previously stated one of the advisors of the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky Danil Getmantsev, the team provides several areas for reform of the tax system.

У Зеленского запланировали удар по налогам: "организуют амнистию", детали

In particular, we are talking about the digitalization of taxes, the Amnesty of capital, white wages, revision of the ECB and the universal Declaration.

As for the tax Amnesty, Getmantsev said, “that the oligarchs are not afraid”. However, as stated by the representative of the chamber of Commerce Oleg Likhovid, the oligarchs are not afraid of taxes.

“They are afraid that they will take if they decide to have here in the capital. And no court in Ukraine will not protect them. Therefore, hiding all away from the Ukrainian courts. Although Getmantsev and acknowledges that the protection of property rights is the problem. But not voiced, as it can be solved,” he says.

Another financial analyst Gleb Sigida, in turn, said that the capital Amnesty will have a positive impact on the budget of Ukraine. He believes this procedure to be possible compensator for the budget, which could get billions more in 2021. In addition, the procedure of Amnesty of capital will help to mitigate the negative effect on the budget from the replacement of income tax with a tax on the capital (Nnwc).

Expert Igor Markevich says that the Amnesty of capital, or “zero Declaration” is actually the only way to establish conditions to restart the tax system.

У Зеленского запланировали удар по налогам: "организуют амнистию", детали

In addition, the team newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky expect revolutionary changes in the system ERUs. According to Daniel Getmantsev, the SST rate will decline. Although he himself said that in Ukraine this rate one of the lowest in Europe.

Oleg Likhovid, commenting on the statement of adviser Zelensky, said that to build social security, the taxation of labour (and this is ERUs) – is the path to a dead end.

“Social, in particular pension liabilities will only grow – the population is ageing and working fewer (next 10 years out of school will be 1.5 times fewer people than are retiring) and they are running from this social protection. Therefore, the financing of social protection needs to be built on a different base, and ERU just cancel as a tax which destroys the normal labour relations”, — explained his position the representative of the chamber of Commerce.

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