Zelensky have noticed the symptoms of an infectious disease: “the two most dangerous drugs”

У Зеленского заметили симптомы заразной болезни: "два самых опасных наркотика"

Vladimir Zelensky noticed the symptoms of dangerous diseases during his speech at the press-marathon

As reported Politeka, their thoughts on the matter shared the journalist and military expert Yury Butusov in Facebook.

“Judging by the performance, Zelensky threatened “presidential disease of omniscience”. At the meeting with bloggers yesterday he hinted that the person is viewing the SBU wiretapping of political opponents, and at the press conference, added that personally, for two hours at night viewing all the major sites, and pays attention even to what his photos put to the news,” he wrote.

У Зеленского заметили симптомы заразной болезни: "два самых опасных наркотика"

Butusov considers such behavior dangerous drugs presidents.

“I just wrote this with the previous President that the two most dangerous drugs for the presidential brain — personally monitor the Internet and personally to read the wire. The President shall read Analytics, because to load the mind the primary information in this volume can not be a single person. And especially the leader of the country, and especially at the cost of losing sleep. Instead of making decisions on real actions, the President is immersed in a fake world view the likes, comments, overheard foreign conversations that distort the reality”, — the journalist noted.

He added that such actions of the President can have disastrous consequences.

“The President seems to be that once he’s on top of the information chain, his understanding of the situation is the best. In fact, an objective understanding of the situation at the presidential level gives only an analyst. Otherwise, the President begins to operate not with facts, but emotions, which fully demonstrated the predecessors,” — said Butusov.

У Зеленского заметили симптомы заразной болезни: "два самых опасных наркотика"

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