Zelensky have figured out how not to pay the Ukrainians: “It will be powerful!”

У Зеленского придумали, как не платить украинцам: "Это будет мощно!"

The party of President Vladimir Zelensky intend to fight poverty in a special way – through the introduction of non-taxable minimum income households

This was told by the future people’s Deputy from party “servant of the people”, the candidate for the position of head of the parliamentary Committee on social policy, employment and pension insurance Galina Tretyakov, write “News”.

“The main goal is to return the money to households and thereby to abandon the existing model. Providing social benefits in the form in which it is now, we provoke the separation of households. People go to fictitious divorces and informal employment for subsidies. We need to change that. This can be done through the introduction of non-taxable minimum incomes of households. That is, that the tax to incomes of physical persons (personal income tax) levied on the household, not each member,” — said Tretyakov.

У Зеленского придумали, как не платить украинцам: "Это будет мощно!"

However, she noted that the tax levy is collected not from all.

“Plus set a minimum tax-free threshold. For example, the income of families with children is 20 thousand UAH per month, and they receive a subsidy from the state. But if you enter non-taxable income in the sum of 8 thousand UAH, that we would return to the family of 19.5% taxes and contributions, which would be enough to pay for communal. And they didn’t have to run for subsidies,” — said the representative of the “public Servants”.

In other words, the idea is to leave the tax in the family, and not to scroll it through the budget, returning to the people in the form of subsidies. For example, according to Tretyakova, a similar model is already working in China.

“Until January 1, 2019 non-taxable minimum was $300, with an average salary of $600. Now they have $660 the average salary. This year they established the non-taxable minimum in the amount of $750. And look how powerful China to overcome poverty in the last three years: they are tens of millions of people lifted out of poverty zone,” — said Tretyakov.

У Зеленского придумали, как не платить украинцам: "Это будет мощно!"

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