Zelensky have dramatically changed centuries-old rules for Ukrainians: “it is Now possible…”

У Зеленского кардинально изменили многовековые правила для украинцев: «Сейчас уже можно…»

Experts have suggested, what will be the dress code of the Administration of the President

After the fourth number in the list of the party “servant of the people”, the businessman David Arakhamiya complained that it was not allowed in the administration of the President in shorts, the AP decided to soften the existing rules of etiquette.

“Now we can go (in the shorts. — Ed.)”, — said in one of his last interviews Arakhamia and a little slukavil.

To documents will still be subject to change.

“While on the official level is in the workflow. This process continues, because it’s such a simple story. But it will be right, because we all support this initiative and believe that it is a bit outdated approaches. In the near future should make this innovation”, — said Irina Pobedonostsev, which is responsible for the Department of information policy.

Experts are very skeptical of the idea of simplification of the dress code in the organs of state power.

У Зеленского кардинально изменили многовековые правила для украинцев: «Сейчас уже можно…»

“In the world of fashion shorts from the authorities — is unacceptable. But we can talk about cropped pants. Most likely, in future instructions regarding dress code will be prescribed the norm for cropped pants. Those three are: pantaloons, chinos, Capri pants,” suggested the strategist Anna Bykova.

At the same time, she noted that all of these trousers are worn with a bare leg, and the business dress code forbids women (despite the temperature regime) to appear without tights (stockings).

“The centuries-old business dress code prohibits shoes on bare feet — emphasizes Bykov. — As for men, in business etiquette in men’s socks should be high, to be seen exposed parts of the body when he sits.”

The expert believes that the new rules of the dress code in the bodies of state power it is necessary to clearly specify the boundaries of the acceptable.

“We need to give clear, detailed instructions that can be worn and what not, or to depict schematically. Abstract change is a populism with the aim to pretend that we are “megaerotica” — says Anna Bykova.

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У Зеленского кардинально изменили многовековые правила для украинцев: «Сейчас уже можно…»

Reacted negatively to the idea of coming to the authorities in the shorts and the majority of parliamentarians.

“I — against! In places where you can meet representatives of foreign official delegations, unacceptable simplification of the dress code to wear shorts. This is not a sign of democracy, it is an act of disrespect to state institutions”, — said the people’s Deputy Vitaliy kupriy.

The politician added that he visited many parliaments of the world, but none met the visitors and members dressed in shorts, t-shirts.

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