Zelensky have announced a landmark reform that will save Ukraine: “Either a collapse, or…”

У Зеленского объявили судьбоносную реформу, которая спасет Украину: "Либо крах, либо..."

The team of Vladimir Zelensky decided on unpopular reforms that could save the Ukrainian economy

The Deputy head of the Office of the President Alexander Goncharuk in an interview with Bloomberg announced the cancellation of the moratorium on land sales. Director of the Institute of economic development Alexander Goncharov on his page on Facebook confirmed that such measures could keep the country afloat.

According to the representative of the guarantor, the moratorium on selling agricultural land will be removed before the end of 2019. This prohibition operates in Ukraine since 2002, and at the end of 2018, the Verkhovna Rada has extended it to 2020. Alexander Goncharuk has noticed that postponing reforms is very harmful to competition. If no action is taken this year, in the near future to implement them “will be difficult”.

У Зеленского объявили судьбоносную реформу, которая спасет Украину: "Либо крах, либо..."

The Office added that the President’s team is developing several versions of how to register by law for sale of land. One of the most important questions will deal with foreigners. The very same Vladimir Zelensky supported the lifting of the moratorium a month ago.

Alexander Goncharov commented on details of agricultural reform. In his opinion, without privatization Ukraine faces economic disaster:

“A large privatization, or the collapse of the economy. So, the President’s Office in the person of Deputy head of OP Alexey Goncharuk announced a large sale with a view, primarily, our banks, and he also stressed that the future government will be forced to allow a large and comprehensive privatization, which will affect even Ukrzaliznytsya and Ukrpochta”.

У Зеленского объявили судьбоносную реформу, которая спасет Украину: "Либо крах, либо..."

The expert added that only the lifting of the moratorium on sale can quickly correct the situation. According to him, now on a reform agreed to by all. Alexander Goncharov was only pointing out a caveat, which may lead to failure of the entire venture of the Vladimir Zelensky and his team.

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“Of course, the guys at the top understand that our society is frantically looking for an exit, and exit very fast and it is already according to that “fairy healing” of the economy of Ukraine can be achieved only by the complete sale of everything that’s still moving. Or someone else against the unlimited privatization? That’s just gnaw at me doubt, whether impotent, corrupt and totally incompetent government handle it?”, — he wrote in his post.

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