Zelensky have admitted on the impact on Kolomoisky: “It is a signal for the others…”

У Зеленского признались об ударе по Коломойскому: "Это сигнал и остальным..."

Advisor of President-elect Vladimir Zelensky Alexander danyluk said that the Ukrainian oligarchs should not own the media, and the media should be independent

According to him, with regard to staffing, what rules should be equal for all. Danyluk added that the oligarchs will understand if the team Zelensky will be people someone and Ukrainian oligarchs, reports Liga.net.

У Зеленского признались об ударе по Коломойскому: "Это сигнал и остальным..."

“Should come by neutral people, not working for someone, and for the state. You also need to clean up the system of government from the representatives of big business,” he said, noting that the ban should be extended to financial groups and not just individuals.

Thus, the Advisor Zelensky tried to solve the problem of the extensive influence of millionaires in Ukrainian politics is not in favor of citizens.

“Subsidizing channels on tens of millions of dollars – it is nothing like the price paid by the oligarchs for political influence. And it will inevitably cost our citizens thousands of times more expensive”, — said danyluk.

At the same time, as for the 1+1 TV channel, which is owned by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and has played a significant role in the promotion Zelensky before the election, danyluk was able to give a clear answer:

“Awareness Zelensky before the election was close to 100%. In that sense, and not to adjust the policy for themselves, and to think about how to make the country and society stronger. Without independent media there are no real democratic elections”, — concluded the assistant Zelensky.

У Зеленского признались об ударе по Коломойскому: "Это сигнал и остальным..."

Earlier it was reported that the former head of the Odessa regional state administration and the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili is aiming for the post of General Prosecutor of Ukraine in a new team of Vladimir Zelensky. So, we have started the collection of signatures under the petition for the return of his Ukrainian citizenship, which he was deprived Poroshenko in 2017.

We will remind, Saakashvili explained why Zelensky lose the war with Russia,

We also wrote that Saakashvili is a large mountain: the death of a loved one “will be missed”.

As reported Politeka, Saakashvili suddenly lit up in Ukraine.