Zelensky has Lutsenko pressed against the wall, rattles the scandal: “Either you leave quietly, or…”

Зеленский прижал Луценко к стене, гремит скандал: "Либо ты спокойно уходишь, либо..."

The arrest of ally Petro Poroshenko Yuriy Hrymchak has become the Prime example of what to avoid punishment, none of the tops did not come out

Arrested Grimchak — old family friend, a trusted party comrade ally in the political struggle of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Lutsenko. In fact, these friends Lutsenko is very small. He trusted Grimchak and helped him as a friend. So Grimchak knows many political secrets and Lutsenko must know and trade secrets of the successful economic activities of a family of Lutsenko.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote the political scientist and sociologist Viktor Nebozhenko.

Зеленский прижал Луценко к стене, гремит скандал: "Либо ты спокойно уходишь, либо..."

“Before you remove Lutsenko from the post of Prosecutor General command Zelenskaya puts Lutsenko faced with a choice. Either you quietly leave his post as attorney General and not traded with us about his integrity after the loss of a position or Grimchak and others give loud testimony to the honest Prosecutor of Ukraine, and no one to protect” — says the analyst.

He noted that his political party Lutsenko no, not rated, reliable judges and prosecutors no, the lawyers – the same, reputation is not, its media there, and the cuteness at the end. And old friends are already in his services are not needed, because it will be a new attorney General.

“Thus, using the hatred and the ancient conflict of the NABOO and the GPU, which is so actively cultivated Lutsenko all these years, the team Zelensky vigorously pushes Lutsenko from the Prosecutor’s office,” says Nebozhenko.

Зеленский прижал Луценко к стене, гремит скандал: "Либо ты спокойно уходишь, либо..."

According to the analyst, if this “trick” with a squeezing Lutsenko with the help of Grimchak and other work, the team Zelensky will do exactly with the stubborn mayor of Kiev Klitschko. Criminalize his activities as mayor and black PR about the difficult past of the boxer mayor, will create a suffocating environment around Klitschko.

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“Especially because, as Lutsenko and Klitschko is no one to protect. The former mighty “Vienna friends” Klitschko which put him on the post of mayor of Kiev – Firtash, Poroshenko, Levochkin themselves in need of assistance a “Friend”. Therefore, they do not hurry to help Klitschko. And to bring the people of Kiev to protect “native,” the mayor, after so many years of looting and corruption of Kiev Klitschko is not under force”, — said the expert.

Nebozhenko noted that the case Grimchak shows how a team Zelensky mechanism for squeezing the most powerful members of the former autocratic regime of Poroshenko politics and business.

Зеленский прижал Луценко к стене, гремит скандал: "Либо ты спокойно уходишь, либо..."

“It is important not the position itself, and the political and economic weight of the shape is removed from the policy. Without this it is impossible to destroy the powerful pyramid of elite corruption, which was created by former President Poroshenko during the years of his reign . Therefore, if the team Zelensky will succeed easily, without serious political consequences, to get rid of Lutsenko and Klitschko, it will be the turn of the powerful mayors of Odessa, Dnipro and Kharkiv”, — says the analyst.

The expert also noticed that after Lutsenko will be the question of “peaceful future” and other heads of security services and law enforcement system of Ukraine, which so counts lost the election policy.

Recall that ally Poroshenko handcuffed.

As he wrote Politeka, the arrest of Grymchak was only the beginning, became aware of a more high-profile arrest

Politeka also reported that the old regime was struck by the antics of the scandalous details