Zelensky has announced an important meeting: “Dot “and””

Зеленский анонсировал важную встречу: «Расставим точки над "и"»

Vladimir Zelensky invited the representatives of Ukrainian business to meet him in the coming days

The post with the appropriate invitation appeared on the official visit of the newly elected President in Facebook.

In his new address Zelensky said that he wanted during his presidency relations with employers was clear.

“No more backroom negotiations overnight visits in the AP and hidden from society agreements,” — said the politician.

In this regard, he invited the business representatives to hold a meeting with him where they can discuss important issues.

“Officially inviting representatives of large, small and medium business to see in the coming days. Will dot the “I”. It is time to work for the country according to transparent rules,” said Zelensky.

Зеленский анонсировал важную встречу: «Расставим точки над "и"»

Earlier, relatives of Vladimir Zelensky said about the moment when the showman for the first time spoke about the nomination for the presidency.

About how the leader of “95 Quarter” came to this momentous decision, said the writer “public Servants” Yuriy Kostyuk.

According to him, the first time that Vladimir Zelensky has declared desire to participate in presidential elections in April last year. He said this “close circle of people”, which included his colleagues in the “Quarter”. Among them was Ivan Bakanov, Sergey Trofimov, Mikhail Valeev and brothers Sefira.

“Then we had such “intelligence”: we have met with various political analysts, political consultants, listened to their thoughts,” — said Kostiuk.

According to him, most of the experts did not believe in the success of Vladimir Zelensky.

Зеленский анонсировал важную встречу: «Расставим точки над "и"»

The writer argues that Zelensky was originally their own idea of the campaign. The entertainer wanted her was the most unconventional.

“Vladimir said, “I’m a classic politician will not ever in my life”,” says Kostiuk.

He stressed that the main idea of their campaign was to show how you can become President and still remain human.

Kostyuk also said that all political decisions himself Zelensky, and people nearby only help him with advice.

Recall that Ukraine’s future was predestined: “Zelenski explained another debate.”

As reported Politeka, Zelensky was stunned by the plans: the inauguration was not.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that Zelensky was stunned by the invitation to Putin.