Zelensky has announced a large-scale meeting with the IMF: called fateful date

Зеленский анонсировал масштабную встречу с МВФ: названа судьбоносная дата

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has announced a meeting with the International monetary Fund

This is stated on the website of the President.

“President Vladimir Zelensky will hold a meeting with International monetary Fund mission, which is located in Kiev. The meeting will take place next week as planned”, — stated in the message.

Зеленский анонсировал масштабную встречу с МВФ: названа судьбоносная дата

Moreover, Zelensky also said that now the meeting with the IMF representatives hold Ukrainian officials.

As previously reported, to date, Ukraine “will not survive” without the cooperation of the IMF, as it supports the financial stability of the country. This was reported by economist Oleg Ustenko.

“1. Now without the IMF to survive will fail. 2. Without the IMF to support financial stability is possible only to a very limited period of time – the debts are in need of maintenance, and poor life, but still “can’t afford” makes you continue to make new debt. 3. The current program with the IMF is simple enough and ending soon”, he said.

Also Ustenko stressed that the implementation of the IMF program is “on track” because of the situation with the anti-corruption bodies and legislation. However, in his opinion, there are several exits from this situation.

“The first is to try to negotiate within the framework of the current programme, making appropriate revisions to the plan of cooperation. The second is to wait for the formation of a new government and after the elections to open a new program. The third “lyric” option – stability due to the sudden influx of investment operating in a much more long-term perspective and to implement it right now no time,” he said.

Зеленский анонсировал масштабную встречу с МВФ: названа судьбоносная дата

Recall that the dollar and the Euro “heavy”: the national Bank once again weakened the local currency.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky has told about cooperation with the IMF: “All in the balance.”

Also Politeka wrote that the currency market panicked, the money ran out: “the rate rose, the exchange offices are closed.”