Zelensky had their way, Ukrainians rejoice: how to change the price of gas this month

Зеленский добился своего, украинцы ликуют: как изменится цена на газ уже в этом месяце

This month the price of gas in Ukraine will be substantially reduced

This was told in “Naftogaz”. It is noted that in September gas prices in the country will decrease by 3.4% compared to those that were installed in August. New price was calculated in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

“Consequently, the price of gas, which Naftogaz sells it in September gazzata and supplies to consumers via the PSO, set at 4 493,64 UAH per thousand cubic meters (excluding VAT and transportation costs). Compared with August, the price of gas will decrease by 3.4%. The final price of gas in the regions of Ukraine depends on the rate on gas distribution, established the national Commission for the appropriate region or city. Gas suppliers are obliged to inform their consumers about the final price”, — stated in the message.

Зеленский добился своего, украинцы ликуют: как изменится цена на газ уже в этом месяце

It is worth noting that from November 1, 2018 the gas price in Ukraine increased from 6.9 to 8.5 UAH per cubic meter. It was one of the conditions for continued cooperation of our country with the IMF. At the same time, the team of Vladimir Zelensky called “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and the Cabinet of Ministers to hold consultations with the IMF and reduce the price of gas for the population.

Earlier we wrote about what was announced final date when Russia will sit down at the negotiating table with Ukraine on gas.

In Russia confirmed that they are ready to hold talks on gas transit with Ukraine and the European Commission. This was announced by Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak:

“We assume this date is agreed, we are ready to hold consultations,” said Novak, answering the question whether Russia agree to hold tripartite consultations of Russia-EC-Ukraine on 19 September. It is known that negotiations will take place in Brussels.

Recall also that the expert on energy issues of the Ukrainian Institute of the future Andrian Prokip told why, after the introduction of the “Nord stream-2” and other “threads” Ukraine will lose the lion’s share of Russian gas transit to Europe and on the near future of Ukrainian energy sector as a whole.

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Зеленский добился своего, украинцы ликуют: как изменится цена на газ уже в этом месяце

So the question of the interviewer about what it means for Ukraine the construction of “Nord stream-2”, the expert replied:

“”Stream” has already completed one third of the route is already laid, be used this year he will not be somewhere in 2022 will be used, in fact Germany will be responsible for its use.”

We will remind, communal soar in price, the Ukrainians stunned the bad news: how much we pay.

As reported Politeka, new communal tariffs: get ready for a shock-bills, called the fatal date.

Also Politeka wrote that in Ukraine will change rates, need a recalculation of the payroll.