Zelensky gave a public showdown in Zaporozhye, it’s got to the camera: “‘ll Come and check”

Зеленский устроил публичные разборки в Запорожье, это попало на камеру: «Приедем и будем проверять»

Vladimir Zelensky made a new wager during your visit to Zaporozhye

Thursday, July 18, President of Ukraine visited Zaporizhzhya. During his visit, he drew attention to the relevant to the problem: the protracted repair of road crossing the dam of the Dnieper hydroelectric station.

During the discussion with the General Director of “Ukrhydroenergo” Igor Sirota was proposed an original solution: if the repair is not completed on time, the Orphan will write a letter of resignation.

Video with the appropriate conversation appeared on the page of the Office of the President in Facebook.

Зеленский устроил публичные разборки в Запорожье, это попало на камеру: «Приедем и будем проверять»

Zelensky asked the Orphans about the timing of the completion of the renovation and promised to personally check if the object passed in time.

“15 October? We will come October 15, will check. Agreed? And if not?” the President asked the General Director of “Ukrhydroenergo”.

“If not, I will write a letter of resignation,” replied the Orphan.

After that, the President shook his hand and said they agreed.

Spektuva repair characteristic cross rowing Dneprovsko GES have Zaporij. 18.07.2019.

CEO Prat “Ukrggri” Igor Sirota, vudli beyond repair characteristic cross rowing Dneprovsko GES have Zaporiz, 15 Zhovtnya write claim about zvilnennya, if remontni robots seversen not to that hour. Take doublenest the President of Ukraine posedovati I have lasagnole at pid hour spektuva Ob CTU. Dateline: http://bit.ly/2xSbLjp

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Posted by Ops of the President of Ukraine on Thursday, July 18, 2019

Responsible for the repair facility carries it “Ukrhydroenergo” and repairs should be completed before 15 October.

Earlier we wrote that on 18 July Vladimir Zelensky visited the most famous construction site in the city “Motor transport highway across the river Dnepr in Zaporozhye.” The President gave the task to resume the completion of the bridge as quickly as possible – at the beginning of 2020.

The chief of service of highways in the Zaporozhye region Andrei ivko said that the highway construction started in 2004. The financing of the construction work ceased in 2014. At that time, it spent 2.8 billion. Under the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, the project did not develop.

Vladimir Zelensky asked about how much time and funds necessary to complete the construction of the bridge.

“Why five years? Give the world examples of such construction. Dam can’t stand the five years. After five or six years the bridge we don’t need them,” said Zelensky.

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