Zelensky gave a hard dressing in Western Ukraine: “you Have two days…”

Зеленский устроил жесткий разнос на Западной Украине: "У вас есть два дня..."

President Vladimir Zelensky in the course of his visit to Zakarpattia oblast urged to leave the heads of the four Western customs

He stated in Uzhgorod in the meeting in the premises of the Transcarpathian customs, the press service of the President’s Office.

Zelensky urged those present to cooperate with the new head of RSA Igor Bondarenko and added that the management of customs, border guards and Prosecutor’s office of Transcarpathia should be cleaned.

During the meeting of customs officers Zelensky asked heads of customs to tell you how they fight against smuggling.

“I think that we very long and many years of hearing that we need to do and not do. Men, we’re men lead the conversation? Tell me, please, if you can’t stop the smuggling, why don’t you quit? If you are unable to stop it, why do you work there? A very small wage. Why would you do that?” — asked the President.

Зеленский устроил жесткий разнос на Западной Украине: "У вас есть два дня..."

He also advised the heads of the Volyn, Zakarpattia, Chernivtsi and Lviv customs for two days to write the application on dismissal. If not, they will fire differently.

Zelensky, in particular, asked the acting head of the State fiscal service of Alexander Vlasov to fire these bosses if they do not write the corresponding statements.

“We have no time … we only Have five years. Look, that Moos already here. If possible, I think the main difficulty is the people. I have to ask you to write letters of resignation. If you can not do it, please tell me, Mr. Vlasov, you can fire people? If they do not resign within two days, starting Monday, you can be fired?”, said Zelensky.

Зеленский устроил жесткий разнос на Западной Украине: "У вас есть два дня..."

This Alexander Vlasov replied in the affirmative.

The head of state noted that law enforcement officers, customs and civil servants have “a second chance”.

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“The country will be different. I suggest you all start working like normal people. Not to talk about a small salary, not to complain. Just become professionals and work,” said Zelensky.

He stressed that his team wants to convey that from now on to convey “up” nothing.

The head of the Transcarpathian customs is Stanislav Baluev, Chernivtsi customs GFS is now headed by Nikolai Salagor, Lviv — Levko Prokipchuk, and Volyn — Victor Krivitsky.

Recall Zelensky criticized for photo with his wife in Canada.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky was surprised by the controversial decision in the Donbass.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky chooses a new Prime Minister named three candidates.