Zelensky forced to dismiss Bogdan made the statement: “will not have to…”

Зеленский вынужден уволить Богдана, сделано заявление: "не будет уже до..."

All frames Zelensky agile, and Bogdan will retire

That opinion has been shared by political expert Andrey Golovachev.

“All this has been noticed that Zelensky, like all his predecessors, very susceptible to flattery.”, he writes.

So today the new Governor of Zhytomyr region, as well as informed all the other governors who were appointed Zelensky , began his speech with the traditional gratitude:

“First, I want to sincerely thank the President of Ukraine, to thank the office of the President of Ukraine( and this is innovation! about it later),” — says Golovach.

Зеленский вынужден уволить Богдана, сделано заявление: "не будет уже до..."

“The expression of gratitude in appointments is a culture of Asian despotism, which we have adopted from Russia, and she, earlier , from the Golden Horde. Is belching a scoop, which in itself was a complete Asiatic.”, — the expert believes.

Asian nezaposlenosti and humiliating expression of gratitude in appointments is a typical symptom of the estates of feudalism, in which Ukraine continues to remain , despite the European course . And this is when the actual Sultanate in Ukraine, the analyst believes.

“What’s the point of gratitude? It is a personal oath , OMA vassal to his overlord for being granted the right to levy feudal rents from the gifts of the feud, i.e. region. Classical feudalism that has adapted to modern realities, which even have universal suffrage!”, — says Gobachev.

He also said that all heads of regional administrations thanked their overlords-all the presidents the years of Ukrainian independence from the Russian feudalism.

“Thank Zelensky and he love it. This gives him confidence in his own power.”, -says the expert.

But Golovachev also points to one difference.

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“All the governors I thank not only Zelensky, but … the President’s office. That is Bogdan Kolomoisky. This means the presence of dual power. But the Asian power system does not tolerate any dual power. So it’s only a matter of time before Zelensky fired Bogdan. Before the new year it will not.” — the expert believes.

He also expressed doubt that the “new regional vassals Zelensky neat , just-in-time agile as vassals Poroshenko.”

“The naivete of the Ukrainians is that the alignment of their personally loyal vassals of the new overlord , they perceive as decisive reforms.”, concluded the expert.

Earlier, the Deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine explained the publication of the statement of resignation of Bogdan.

All domestic media blew up the published “statement” Andrei Bogdan’s resignation from office. So it became clear new details of this political hype. The Deputy head of the Office of the President Kirill Tymoshenko made a statement. In it he said that the statement of the head of the PP Andrey Bogdan resignation he downloaded from the Internet and forwarded it to the media.

We will remind, it not the first “resignation” Bogdan – we wrote about it. On 1 August and on other sites showed a photo of the official statement, the text of which was reminiscent of the joke:

“I ask to dismiss me from his post at own will since the desire.”

Recall, the court decided the fate Parubiy, the speaker will have a hard time.

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