Zelensky followed in the footsteps of Reagan: the United States has explained that the similarities between them

Зеленский пошел по стопам Рейгана: в США объяснили, что общего между ними

The leader of presidential race in Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky has attracted the attention of many countries, including USA

40th US President, Republican Ronald Reagan and future President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky came out of show business, but between them there is a huge difference.

This opinion was expressed by former U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine, Director of the Eurasian Center of the Atlantic Council, a former Reagan administration official John Herbst, writes Voice of America.

“Reagan was involved in politics, even in show business. He was active in Union politics with the screen actors Guild during the McCarthy period. It was important for him experience. Besides, he was Governor of California. He was an experienced politician, well versed in the issues, although his critics said he was incompetent. They can’t be compared — Reagan and Zelensky,” said John Herbst.

Зеленский пошел по стопам Рейгана: в США объяснили, что общего между ними

The same opinion was expressed by the editor of the blog of the Atlantic Council UkraineAlert Melinda Goering. She recalled that the most important influence on the formation of Reagan as a politician had his experience at General Electric. Recall, back in 1954, Reagan started the television program “General Electric Theater” then he started to travel around the country, speaking to employees of the company with the motivational speeches.

“He knew the problem. He talked to people. And he’s done it for years. So before he started the election campaign, he has been preparing for this for several years,” said editor Melinda Goering.

Зеленский пошел по стопам Рейгана: в США объяснили, что общего между ними

Also earlier it was reported that the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy decided to repay the winner of an electoral race Zelensky for the failed transaction in the first round.

A member of the party “Samopomich” approved the draft “Law on the President,” which limits the powers of the President. Blogger Elizabeth Bogutska argues that the way Andriy Sadovy revenge Zelensky for honesty and integrity. On his page on Facebook it described the story that happened in the early spring:

“A Garden and even vengeful was. Remind everyone about his meeting with the candidate Zelensky, in my opinion, in early March. The meeting was hem in the cafe. The mayor of the city Vladimir offered support in round 1 with the corresponding statement aloud about what is removed in favor Zelensky, in response to the fact that Vladimir will nominate him as Prime Minister of the country.”

Recall, disclosed the true reason for the victory of Poroshenko abroad: “voted for this achievement.”

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko will stand trial: “broke the law”, and more.

Also Politeka wrote what is called a real results of the vote for Poroshenko and Zelensky, the numbers are staggering.