Zelensky “ended the war” the two warring parties: this Day of remembrance and reconciliation

Зеленский "закончил войну" двух враждующий сторон: настоящий День памяти и примирения

Vladimir Zelensky met with veterans of the Second world war

This became known from the message on the official telegrams-channel “Command Zelensky”. It is reported that the newly elected President met with Ivan Anikiyovych Salignum that may 10 will mark 101 years. Note that Ivan Anikiyovych was captain of the first rank of Marines of the Navy of USSR and participated in the battles of the Second world war. He was awarded medals and orders. The report also said that the veteran lost his grandson in the Donbas.

Zelensky also met with Parseval V. Zelenchuk-Patak, which in 13 years has become a courier of the Ukrainian insurgent army. It is reported that she gave food to soldiers of the UPA, information and wove sweaters.

On the published photos of Vladimir Zelensky, along with two veterans of the Second world war. They shake hands, as a symbolic reconciliation of the parties.

Зеленский "закончил войну" двух враждующий сторон: настоящий День памяти и примирения

The post also says that 8 may is a Day of remembrance and reconciliation.

“The day of memory and reconciliation, we honour and worship to all who fought against Nazism and died for Ukraine during the Second world war. For every one who gave his life for peace. The world in which today so needs. The world, the key to which will be the unity of all Ukrainians. So that in future we had in common only victory,” — says in the message.

Зеленский "закончил войну" двух враждующий сторон: настоящий День памяти и примирения

Earlier it was reported that today, may 8, Ukrainians celebrate the Day of memory and reconciliation, designed to honor those who died in the Second world war. For the first time this festival began in 2004 at the UN General Assembly. Their acceptance of the resolution of 22 November on the introduction day of remembrance and reconciliation was timed to the 60th anniversary of the end of world war II. May 8, 1945 the allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany, signed by the chief of operations staff of the OKW, General-Colonel Alfred Jodl on behalf of the German President Karl Doenitz.

The act was signed on 7 may in Reims (France), however, ratified the following day in Berlin.

Remember, as allied troops fought in Europe during world war II.

As reported Politeka Turchinov drew Parallels between world war II and the ATO.

Also Politeka wrote about encryption “war” during world war II.