Zelensky endangered millions of Ukrainians of their main pride: “it turns into dictatorship”

Зеленский подверг опасности миллионы украинцев своей главной гордостью: "превращается в диктатуру"

“The digitalization of the country” can end badly for the Ukrainians

So says political analyst and blogger Michael Besarab.

“The new team in homeopathic doses feeds us the theme of “States in the smartphone”. The “chippies”, it seems, should be electronic voting in elections and direct democracy with a system of continuous survey of Ukrainian before the adoption of these or those state decisions. The idea will definitely create a wow effect among the electorate affected by the pandemic digital TV or dementia. This, in fact, and calculation,” he writes.

Зеленский подверг опасности миллионы украинцев своей главной гордостью: "превращается в диктатуру"

Also, the analyst believes that the Ukrainians are electronic voting and plebiscites online as something innovative, and therefore by definition necessarily positive. In fact, electronic voting is not guaranteed to be honest and direct democracy does not have to be effective. That’s why it seems quite the opposite.

Well, as “the digitalization of the country” is easily transformed into a digital dictatorship, can be seen not only in China but also in permanent democracies.

Зеленский подверг опасности миллионы украинцев своей главной гордостью: "превращается в диктатуру"

“So closely that seasoned scammers have used crazy hands “young technicians”,” finished he.

Previously, the Creator of the “Blockchain Ukraine” and cryptovision Michael chobanian said that the project “Government in the smartphone” completely eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy.

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According to him, in addition, digitalization will significantly reduce the main problem of Ukraine – domestic corruption. Everyday corruption – this form of petty corruption, which involves mostly petty officials.

“We talk a lot about corruption. But there is corruption of home, this is when we pay for a certificate and has a global corruption is Ukroboronprom and all these things Svinarchuk,” says Chobanyan.

In developed countries like USA and UK, global corruption also has, like cryptovision. But it is covered, because there is no everyday corruption that people see and feel in their own skin.

“The first task is to clean up the domestic corruption, and it can be removed with a smartphone. You do not interact with the officials, you don’t see them, you even have the ability to bribe” — sums up Chobanyan.

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