Zelensky did it! Became aware of the breakthrough, which will affect everyone: the details of the victory

Зеленский сделал это! Стало известно о прорыве, который повлияет на всех: детали победы

Announced the final date when Russia will sit down at the negotiating table with Ukraine on gas

In Russia confirmed that they are ready to hold talks on gas transit with Ukraine and the European Commission. This was announced by Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak, RIA Novosti reported:

“We assume this date is agreed, we are ready to hold consultations,” said Novak, answering the question whether Russia agree to hold tripartite consultations of Russia-EC-Ukraine on 19 September. It is known that negotiations will take place in Brussels.

Зеленский сделал это! Стало известно о прорыве, который повлияет на всех: детали победы

Recall also that the expert on energy issues of the Ukrainian Institute of the future Andrian Prokip told why, after the introduction of the “Nord stream-2” and other “threads” Ukraine will lose the lion’s share of Russian gas transit to Europe and on the near future of Ukrainian energy sector as a whole.

So the question of the interviewer about what it means for Ukraine the construction of “Nord stream-2”, the expert replied:

“”Stream” has already completed one third of the route is already laid, be used this year he will not be somewhere in 2022 will be used, in fact Germany will be responsible for its use.”

He said:

“After 2022 we lose about because of the first “Flow” (Turkish) to 16 billion cubic meters. Starting with 2025 might have a situation when Ukraine will have to do anything to this Pipe was popular.”.

Зеленский сделал это! Стало известно о прорыве, который повлияет на всех: детали победы

Real steps that can be taken by Ukraine on the use of “Stream” expert calls the following:

“…Second and most importantly, perhaps – that the Ukrainians were looking for a European partner for the joint use of the pipe, but mine is very tight went, we partner yet to be found. And it is possible, if we do partner up to 2025’t find any, it will incur a loss – the same Tube will have to retool, “preserve”, etc. We will lose what had already is 2 to 3 billion dollars a year.”.

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The expert is confident that even if the President Poroshenko Ukraine would not be energy efficient:

“…When there Poroshenko traveled to Turkey in the first Stream, Erdogan solemnly all opened, now we refuse the role of an important transit country… to sum up: it’s not a good trend when we for the sake of diversification of imports when we can produce and provide for ourselves, we simply refuse to regional cooperation. Of course, it is necessary with this direction to try to work, not just to shift to import – because the storage we have, the opportunities are there…”

Зеленский сделал это! Стало известно о прорыве, который повлияет на всех: детали победы


“Nord stream-2” (eng. “Nord Stream 2”) — construction of a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic sea with a length of over 1200 km;

Is an extension of “Northern stream”;

The project, directly or indirectly, affects the interests of a wide range of countries and enterprises;

Opponents of the project — Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Denmark, USA.

We will remind, in Ukraine figured out how to force Moscow to abandon the construction of “Nord stream-2”.

As reported Politeka, it became known, what would it mean for Ukraine and the EU new adventure of Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that Europe will decide the fate of Russian gas transit through Ukraine.