Zelensky decided to disband the CEC, coming fatal blow to the team Poroshenko: first details

Зеленский решил распустить ЦИК, грядет фатальный удар по команде Порошенко: первые подробности

In the Office of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky preparing to dissolve the Central election Commission

In the income statement already prepared a submission to the head of state demanding the dissolution of the CEC to Parliament. Furthermore, the idea supposedly already submitted to the office of Rada for registration. About it reports the edition ZN.ua.

The formal reason for the dissolution was the alleged situation in 198 electoral district (Cherkasy region), where the court overturned the CEC Protocol on election results. According to the Commission, winning in the district were won by the independent candidate Serhiy Rudyk, but the losing candidate from the Servants Natalia Dyachenko has appealed the election results.

“In fact, Bank not satisfied with the control over the CEC, in the hands of the former President of Petro Poroshenko and ex-Deputy Alexander Granovsky”, – stated in the material.

Зеленский решил распустить ЦИК, грядет фатальный удар по команде Порошенко: первые подробности

We will note, according to article 31-1 of the Law on the Central election Commission of Ukraine, the powers of the entire CEC membership can be terminated by Parliament at the reasoned proposal of the President of Ukraine. The decision of the Parliament should pass not less than two-thirds of its constitutional composition.

Earlier it was reported that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on impeachment of the President. For the bill voted 245 deputies — 243 chosen one of the “Servant of the people” + 2 extra fractional. According to the law, impeachment proceedings will be initiated by a majority of MPs from the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada.

For “thorough and impartial” investigation will be organized a special temporary investigative Commission, whose membership will include people’s representatives (subject to the principle of proportional representation of parliamentary factions and groups), special Prosecutor and special investigators. This Commission will be to prepare conclusions and proposals regarding the Commission of the President of Ukraine of high treason or another crime.

Зеленский решил распустить ЦИК, грядет фатальный удар по команде Порошенко: первые подробности

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“The decision on the impeachment of the President of Ukraine from office by impeachment will only be accepted if the conclusions of the constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Supreme Court will show compliance with the requirements of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine”, — stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

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