Zelensky decided the fate of Saakashvili in the elections, there was a sharp appeal: “Intervene, all the presidents”

Зеленский решил судьбу Саакашвили на выборах, появилось резкое обращение: "Вмешивались все президенты"

President Vladimir Zelensky put to blame for the situation with the refusal of the party of Mikheil Saakashvili “movement new forces”

The former Governor of the Odessa region and his associates zametili to run for election to Parliament. Blogger Elizaveta Bogutskaya on his page in Facebook explained the reasons for the incident and urged not to panic.

On June 23 the press service of the CEC reported on the results of the meeting, which was held by the head of the Commission Tatyana Slipachuk according to the candidates. The authority had refused to register people who are running on the lists of the “Movement of new forces.” Representatives of the CEC noted that the party considered the question of its participation in the elections on 8 may. But the early elections were appointed by decree of President Vladimir Zelensky only may 21 — after his inauguration.

Зеленский решил судьбу Саакашвили на выборах, появилось резкое обращение: "Вмешивались все президенты"

“Consequently, the review may 8, 2019 at a meeting of Parliament of the political party “movement novih forces,” Mikheil Saakashvili of issues related to the participation of the party in the early elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine on 21 July 2019, could not be implemented”, — said Tatyana Slipachuk.

She added that on June 10, Mikheil Saakashvili held an extraordinary party Congress, which approved the electoral list, in violation of the requirements of the Charter party. A copy of the decision of the CEC and a copy of the documents Centrizbirkom is going to send in the police.

Elizabeth Bogutskaya has noticed that in extreme situation made Vladimir Zelensky. Allegedly, he must intervene to secure from the Commission a fair solution. However, I chose not to do. The author of the article suggested not to flog a fever and to thoroughly understand the situation:

Зеленский решил судьбу Саакашвили на выборах, появилось резкое обращение: "Вмешивались все президенты"

“I look at FB as individual users generate hatred and begin to question their integrity. We don’t know yet, but it’s clear that the blame Zelensky, because it needs to intervene… Friends. We have intervened all the presidents. Poroshenko did lukabludie in the CEC and the courts. Zelensky has repeatedly stated that the court should be independent. By the way, do not forget that Kivalov still has influence on the CEC”.

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The blogger suggests that the conflict will soon be resolved through the courts. Indeed, in recent years it managed to resolve a number of problems.

“In order to accuse Zelensky, we must first understand what is wrong with the documents, which were submitted to the CEC from the NCR. Perhaps through the courts under the accelerated procedure, to achieve justice. Courts 1 day in practice to resolve urgent issues. Remember the court before round 2. Odious lawyer decided to withdraw from the election Zelensky and filed a lawsuit the night before. The court concluded the examination in the morning. In fact, on election day,” reminded Elizabeth Bogutskaya.

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As reported Politeka, Saakashvili reacted strongly to the scandal surrounding the CEC’s decision.

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