Zelensky could not resist and gave the truth about the sensational conversation with trump: “I was…”

Зеленский не сдержался и выдал правду о нашумевшем разговоре с Трампом: "На меня..."

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky says that there is no pressure from US President Donald trump it was not

The head of state said on 5 September in an interview with Japanese Kyodo.

Zelensky has denied the information that trump pushed him to the investigation against his rival in the presidential election of 2020 Joe Biden and his son hunter, and said: he has no authority, in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, to initiate any investigation.

Зеленский не сдержался и выдал правду о нашумевшем разговоре с Трампом: "На меня..."

“I never had pressure, and had no conditions to hold a summit with trump or to negotiate the sale of weapons in exchange,” the newspaper quotes the words of the President of Ukraine.

He added that the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office will consider any requests of their colleagues from the USA on cooperation in the investigation in accordance with the laws if they are undertaken on the basis of “international law”.

Recall, Donald trump accused that he abused his official position, asking Zelensky to assist in the investigation Biden, former Vice President and one of the most prominent presidential candidates from the Democrats, and to study the activities of his son hunter in Ukraine.

The leader of the United States said Republicans in the House of representatives that called his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky at the request of the Minister of energy, Rick Perry.

Зеленский не сдержался и выдал правду о нашумевшем разговоре с Трампом: "На меня..."

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First, trump has repeated his usual statements, like his telephone conversation with Zelensky was “perfect”. But then he remembered Perry.

“Few people know it, but I didn’t even want to make the call. The only reason I made the call, because this year (Perry — ed.) Asked me. Something about the plant LNG (liquefied natural gas)”, — cited the words of trump, one of the interlocutors edition Axios. Two more sources confirmed what was said.

As you know, a telephone conversation between the two presidents on September 25 resulted in a huge scandal. Representatives of the US Democratic party has accused the current US President is that he is trying to put pressure on Kiev with the purpose of obtaining personal political gain. As a result, it started the procedure of impeachment of the President.

Recall Zelensky stunned a statement in front of millions of people: such Putin is not expected.

As reported Politeka, scandal Zelensky and trump inflames with new force: the account goes on the clock.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky was struck by a deed before meeting with trump.