Zelensky condemned all “eurobserv”: the new law on fines has alarmed Ukraine details

Зеленский обрек всех "евробляхеров": новый закон о штрафах переполошил Украину, подробности

Vladimir Zelensky initiated important bill

The President of Ukraine took the so-called “eurobserv”. Vladimir Zelensky intends to initiate a law that will delay the introduction of fines for drivers on the “euromarch” until the end of 2019 in Ukraine.

About it in interview “League.no,” said future MP from the party “servant of the people” Vladislav Crickley:

“The President initiated a bill which proposed to postpone until the end of the year the start date of penalties for late customs clearance of cars on avtonomera”.

Зеленский обрек всех "евробляхеров": новый закон о штрафах переполошил Украину, подробности

Also a contender for the position of head of the transport Committee of Crickley believes that many Ukrainians basic:

“There are no documents on the machine — so they can not register them. When the period without fines, we sit down and on the figures to see the number of registrations. If you now not wish to register, why should they appear in six months? Therefore, I think that this latest postponement,” said future MP. Thus, the “euroshare” made a kind of “last warning” — after all, who does not register the car, will pay large sums of fines:

for driving on avtonomera – 8 500 UAH;

— a year re-driving “EuroBLECH” – 17 000 UAH, and a ban on driving within a year;

— if detained customs clearance for a period of up to 1 day – 170 UAH;

from 1 to 10 days – 340 UAH;

— from 10 to 20 days – 8 500 UAH;

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— from 20 to 30 day – 85 000 UAH;

— from 30 days to 170 000 UAH.

Recall also, from August 22 of this year, “eurobserv” violating transportation in the mode of “transit” and “temporary import” will receive the new fines. Over observance of the legislation following the customs and the national police. The meeting was ready a joint action plan to combat violators.

The offenders threatened while administrative protocols and protocols of violation of customs rules. Since then, as entered into force the law of Ukraine No. 2611-VIII and # 2612-VIII, a lot of drivers have registered their cars. During this time, the fiscal service has issued 13934 machine. Legalized was 6879 vehicle is brought to the budget of 418 million.

Зеленский обрек всех "евробляхеров": новый закон о штрафах переполошил Украину, подробности

We have previously reported that in Kharkov will disappear cars. Will remove vehicles that are unattended for months and clutter the space.

To remove them in planning the Department of territorial control, said the mayor’s office. According to the Deputy Director of the Department for territorial control of Evgeniya Shvets, in “Rules of an accomplishment of territory of city” is expected to make changes, namely: to prescribe the definition of what a car is considered abandoned.

We will remind, Poroshenko is preparing a response to the “Big brother” Zelensky

Also Politeka reported that “the Servant of the people” are beginning to hunt for corrupt officials

And Politeka wrote that Zelensky took the decision, which was expected by millions