“Zelensky, come out!”: the new “Maidan” erupted in Bankova, heard the screams, the shots of the riot

"Зеленский, выходи!": новый "Майдан" разгорается на Банковой, слышны крики, кадры бунта

In Kiev sparked several rallies, demanding the protection of Zelensky

Thursday, August 1, in the city center on Bankova street near the President’s Office held several meetings, according to informants in Facebook.

Initially, it was stated that the meeting will be held for the release of political prisoners and against political persecution. However, the inscriptions on the placards and cheers of the audience testify to the fact, that not only has this brought people from the presidential administration.

"Зеленский, выходи!": новый "Майдан" разгорается на Банковой, слышны крики, кадры бунта

Among the protesters are also deceived investors about two dozen different LCD.

“We demand that the state guarantee that if the investor invests in the construction, he will get that apartment,” commented the man with the poster.

As it turned out, the main complaints of the protesters not to President Vladimir Zelensky, and to the mayor Klitschko, because the developers of Kiev, who they gave their money is still not settled in their apartment. However, the audience still require Zelensky out to him and the promise of state responsibility in such situations, and to solve the current problem at the moment.

"Зеленский, выходи!": новый "Майдан" разгорается на Банковой, слышны крики, кадры бунта

Also heard demands to dissolve the Council, which may be another reason to remove Klitschko with his position, especially after the recent conflict erupted between the mayor of Kiev and the President’s Office.

Vladimir Zelensky is still not out on the shouts of “Poczuj us!” “Zelensky, come out!” and “Wymagana dialogue!”.

Also, it should be noted that the protesters came with mats and pillows.

"Зеленский, выходи!": новый "Майдан" разгорается на Банковой, слышны крики, кадры бунта

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We will remind that the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko went to the United States after the altercation with the head of the OP Andrei Bogdan.

On 31 July the head of the Ukrainian capital reported on the trip to new York on his page in Facebook. He told me how he talked with the local mayor and a famous American lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

"Зеленский, выходи!": новый "Майдан" разгорается на Банковой, слышны крики, кадры бунта

“At the invitation of my old friend and one of most influential mayors of world mayor Rudy Giuliani met with him in new York. Discussed the situation in Ukraine, prospects of further cooperation of Ukraine and the USA. And, of course, touched upon the importance of the development of local self-government”, — said Vitaly Klitschko. He added that he agreed to meet with his American counterpart in Kiev.

Many netizens speculated that Vitali Klitschko went not just to talk to a lawyer, U.S. President Donald trump. After all, the head Office of Vladimir Zelenskiy, Andrei Bogdan, urged the mayor of Kiev to resign from the city Council by reason of insolvency. Vitali Klitschko retorted opponent. He called the information voiced by the rumors and offered to provide the facts to the police. Commentators believe that the mayor of Kiev decided to look for protection overseas.

Recall days are numbered Klitschko, the mayor confessed Andrei Bogdan: who is really in control of Kiev.

As reported Politeka, enraged Klitschko threw a tantrum because of the dismissal: “Mr. Bohdan, pass…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Klitschko after the scandal with the dismissal of appealed to Zelensky and hard disgraced: “All the time…”.