Zelensky closer to occupied Crimea and was struck by the statement: “Soon it will be able to…”

Зеленский приблизился к оккупированному Крыму и поразил заявлением: «Скоро сможете...»

Vladimir Zelensky congratulated the day of birth of the prisoner of the Kremlin Oleg Sentsov and expressed confidence that soon he will be released

Today, July 13, the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov turns 43. On this occasion, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky published in his Facebook post with a greetings to a political prisoner.

“I congratulate Oleg Sentsov happy birthday! For millions of people in Ukraine and around the world you are a model of strength and dignity. I wish you good health, because now it is your main weapon in this fight. We have nothing to give you today, except an unwavering commitment to fight for freedom for you and all the prisoners,” — wrote the President.

He said that today visited the Chongar, which is very close to Crimea, where I came from Sentsov.

“Today we were in Chongar, very close to your home. Believe that you will soon be able to return there, and there will be many years of free life and new creative achievements,” concluded Zelensky.

Зеленский приблизился к оккупированному Крыму и поразил заявлением: «Скоро сможете...»

Previously, Russia was caught in a lie regarding the statement of press-Secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, on citizenship Oleg Sentsov.

According to the official statement of the Russian Federation, Oleg Sentsov, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison on false charges, — a citizen of Russia. And therefore, according to the Russian authorities, it cannot be changed or to give Ukraine any other conditions.

However, as it became known, in the prison documents, prisoner number of the citizen of Ukraine. More precisely, a strange state “Republic of Ukraine”.

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“Convicted Sentsov O. G., a citizen of the Republic of Ukraine, arrived on stage on 9 October 2017. In the individual case an EU passport 477125 issued November 12, 1997”, – stated in the certificate.

Зеленский приблизился к оккупированному Крыму и поразил заявлением: «Скоро сможете...»

Appropriate certificate issued the Director’s lawyer Dmitry Dinze on his page in Facebook.

Interestingly, you say that now, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, on the days of the questioner, who is Oleg Sentsov “de jure, even if Russians themselves do not recognize”. Sentsov considers himself a citizen of Ukraine.

We will remind, “Okean Elzy” writes the soundtrack for the film of Oleg Sentsov.

As reported Politeka, Sentsov sent a message to the Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that Oleg Sentsov has described his life in the Russian colony.