Zelensky cancelled the decree on the price of popular services: what has changed for Ukrainians

Зеленский отменил указ о цене на популярные услуги: что изменилось для украинцев

Vladimir Zelensky cancelled the decree, which was adopted twenty years ago

The document obliges employers to pay a minimum price for the services of private notaries. For most of the population of Ukraine this news is joyful, but in the Verkhovna Rada don’t think so.

Analysts and experts say that this decision will significantly improve the situation in big business.

Officials believe that the Ukrainian budget may receive a tidy sum of half a billion hryvnia. Vladimir Aleksandrovich one has abolished more than 160 decrees of the previous presidents of Ukraine. The bulk of the papers were eliminated because of their irrelevance and to reduce the control of the business.

Зеленский отменил указ о цене на популярные услуги: что изменилось для украинцев

But the cancellation of one of the decrees was the throat officials. Namely, one that reduced the cost of registration of real estate transactions.

“The pension Fund will lose before the end of the year about half a billion hryvnia,” — said the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva.

These half a billion is taxes. They are part of the payment for notarial services. And send them to the budget of the private offices — just helped one of the repealed decrees.

The notary agreed to tell the secrets of private notary’s offices, which usually do not endure over the threshold. Data in contracts is a mystery. Armed with a pencil and a calculator, Svetlana Sparrow told about the system of interaction of notaries and the state.

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Of 1%, which is paid by the client, the notary earns fifth. 40% is the cost of forms, storage of, salaries of employees. And another 40% are taxes. For which and engaged social Minister Reva. His logic is, if the notaries will have less money to take with clients, and in Treasury contributions is less to do, and then there is nothing to pay social money.

Зеленский отменил указ о цене на популярные услуги: что изменилось для украинцев

In the Notary chamber of Ukraine added that the reduction of the cost of the services of a notary can speak only in cases of large transactions, that is, when issued multi-family house, enterprise, or offices with an area of more than thousand squares and the like. They say, if there is no minimum limit of 1%, the legalization of the transaction of purchase and sale to do with less costs exclusively to the business, but rather big business.

“Citizens usually buy a life, buy a plot, build a house and pay this 1% of a relatively small amount and a once in a lifetime” — said the first Vice-President of the Notary chamber of Ukraine Olga Onischuk.

Accordingly, the withdrawal of the decree will not affect Ukrainians who sell a house or plot of land. For notaries cancellation fee of 1% is irrelevant, because they are guided by document — the decree “On state duty”, which clearly spelled out that the customer is in any case can not pay less than one percent.

Recall, Zelensky said about the new administration: “anyone can…”.

As he wrote Politeka in AP for the first time admitted what gets paid Zelensky.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky was stunned by the unprecedented innovations, the lives of Ukrainians has changed forever.