Zelensky can kill: there’s a disturbing letter, “if there is no fear…”

Зеленского могут yбить: появилось тревожное письмо, "если не будет страха..."

Ukrainian businessman and journalist Andrei Palchevsky gave advice to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky about death

Andrei Palchevsky spoke with reporters and told of an interesting letter which came to his mail. He reported about it during communication with journalists.

So, Palchevsky told about the case when one of the fans of Vladimir Zelensky wrote him a letter. In it, she’s worried about what the President can kill.

Зеленского могут yбить: появилось тревожное письмо, "если не будет страха..."

“I wrote one of the fans Zelensky: afraid that he would be killed. I want to say, Vladimir, do not be afraid, until the people with you. And die for the homeland is included in the profession of politics,” — said Palchevskogo.

Palchevskogo also said that the oligarchs should fear Zelensky. That President he wanted to be.

“But if there is fear on the part of the oligarchs — so it is not quite the one President who was going to be,” he added.

Previously, we reported that Vladimir Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko during a election campaign made a “predebate” analyses. Poroshenko did it in the medical section of the NSC “Olympic”, and Zelensky was tested in the “EUROLAB”, which is owned Palchevskogo. After that everyone started saying that the tests of the future President can’t be accurate, because laboratory owner is a friend of the patient.

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But Palchevskogo in turn retorted that he had three times in my life seen Zelensky. Other evidence that it is more than just friends of the President, practically was not.

It is also known that for some time was confusion with references Zelensky. Initially, there was not a date and the President apologized to voters for the mistake of the technician, and then something wrong was with the doctor’s signature.

We will remind, the parliamentary candidate Darth Vader first showed its real face

And Politeka wrote that Palchevskogo explained how Zelensky can fix the errors Poroshenko

Also Politeka reported that Zelensky Palchevskogo warned about the great danger