Zelensky called pale Groisman on the carpet, the video leaked to the network: “I’m not guilty!”

Зеленский вызвал побледневшего Гройсмана на ковер, видео слили в сеть: «Я не виноват!»

President Vladimir Zelensky held a meeting with members of the Cabinet

One of the topics was the question of reducing the price by 15-20% for electricity.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman tried to justify himself before the head of state, why in July increased electricity prices by 20-25% for household consumers.

According to him, this happened due to the fact that in the 6 times increased the price for distribution of electricity “Ukrenergo”.

The Prime Minister immediately began to give options, how to change it.

“We as a government took several initiatives with regards to changes of decisions of the Cabinet, which can regulate, in fact, released some elektroenergii “Energoatom”, which is now out on the market. And we believe that these events, plus the decision of Natskomissii with regards to the reduction of tariffs in 2 times will reduce,” he met the head of government.

However, according to him, the decision to reduce the tariff will take effect from 1 October.

Ukrainians are acutely accepted the Prime Minister’s speech and noted that in reporting, he looked pale.

“Why is this bitch ..Groisman sitting at this table and not in prison?”, “Not my fault, he came…as usual,” etc.

Зеленский вызвал побледневшего Гройсмана на ковер, видео слили в сеть: «Я не виноват!»

We will remind, recently the President’s representative Vladimir Zelensky in the Cabinet of Ministers Andrei Gerus, told, as is the situation with the country’s preparation for the heating season.

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In the briefing, held the day before he expressed concern over the low coal stocks in warehouses of generating companies to the autumn-winter period.

“We have a situation where we have lower accumulation of coal in storage, and we had a heated discussion with the companies of thermal generation,” said Gerus.

Зеленский вызвал побледневшего Гройсмана на ковер, видео слили в сеть: «Я не виноват!»

He added that the dialogue with major companies focused on the fact that the use of coal stocks in warehouses as blackmail for the sake of high tariffs is unacceptable.

Recall, the new video “public Servants” brought Ukrainians into ecstasy.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky had a large rotation in the national security Council.

Also Politeka reported that humiliated Vlasov decided on a new dirty trick to Zelensky.