Zelensky broke Putin’s plans: “so they did not play”

Зеленский сломал планы Путина: "с таким они не играли"

The leader of the presidential race Vladimir Zelensky and touched the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin

According to the latest data in the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine a victory which will surely get Vladimir Zelensky. In this regard, Ukrainian political analyst Oleg Soskin decided to find out what will happen to the country now, and as a victory Zelensky will affect relations between Russia and Ukraine, writes Glavred.

The political scientist believes. when Vladimir Zelensky will receive the powers of the President of Ukraine, for the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and other ruling elites will come a difficult period. The reason is that “they don’t play.”

According to the analyst, representatives of the Russian policy, Zelensky is a “pig in a poke”, because at the moment it is absolutely impossible to predict how it will behave.

Зеленский сломал планы Путина: "с таким они не играли"

“He (Zelensky approx. edition) – man theatrical genre, with a satirical and comedic. Vladimir Putin will be shocked if Ukraine win its namesake. He goes into a stupor. After all Putin is a KGB, and these are always laid out on shelves. And Zelensky does not work, it is impossible to “sort through”, he has a lot of aliases, and this is its advantage,” says the analyst.

The expert says that you can be sure of one thing: with Zelensky Vladimir Putin will not be able to build any relationship. The Russian President, it would have been easy to build relationships with Poroshenko, because he is predictable and understandable.

“But we can already say for sure that Vladimir Zelensky – fighter. He is not a pushover and not a Prim young lady. He’s a pretty strong man,” adds the analyst.

Зеленский сломал планы Путина: "с таким они не играли"

Also earlier it was reported that Twitter account appeared newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky.

The creation account has already shown the first message, where the President-elect thanks the people of Ukraine for their trust.

“Thank you for the trust in Ukraine”, — stated in the publication account.

In addition, the profile assembled repost with the reaction of world leaders, foreign ministries and mass media to win Zelensky. The account has not yet received official verification from Twitter, or it is the official hard to say.

Recall that the victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the elections not only inconvenient to the ruling elite of Ukraine, but also Russia.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky gave all about the future of PrivatBank.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky and Poroshenko severely quarreled live.