Zelensky avenged Danyluk, giving it a big secret, “I told you…”

Зеленский отомстил Данилюку, выдав его большую тайну: «Я предупреждал...»

Vladimir Zelensky revealed details of the controversial dismissal of the former Secretary of the NSDC Alexander danyluk

The President admitted that the departure of danyluk to resign passed restless. About Zelensky said during a press marathon on October 10.

According to the head of state, a former Secretary of the NSDC tried to blackmail him with his resignation.

“Is in command of the misunderstandings that is your vision, it is your personal. But I got the game, when you write a statement (of resignation — ed.), and then I won’t sign, because I want us to work together. I’m sorry he stepped on your foot, and there he something said. But we’re grown men. So I said, — these I have statements your and if you I will write statements, I warned, since danyluk, who will write my name on a statement (of resignation — ed.), blackmail will not, I will sign them, and I will fire people,” — said Zelensky.

Зеленский отомстил Данилюку, выдав его большую тайну: «Я предупреждал...»

The President also said that at the time danyluk pointed to the Prime Minister, but he chose to the position of another person.

“Sasha wanted to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine. And I said, Sasha, you are a normal honest person, but I have chosen another candidate”, — said Zelensky.

Note that as a result of the Prime Minister of Ukraine became Alexey Goncharuk.

He believes that danyluk had not believed that the President still sign his statement:

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“The statement he wrote before the United States. He probably expected that I would not sign his statement.”

Earlier it was reported that the former Secretary of the national security and defense Alexander Danilyuk left Ukraine. The former head of the national security Council allegedly flew to the Czech Republic.

Зеленский отомстил Данилюку, выдав его большую тайну: «Я предупреждал...»

It is noted that the aircraft on Board of which were danyluk, at about 5:00 October 4, landed at the airport of Prague.

It is worth noting that at the moment the official confirmation of this information.

Recall Zelensky warned of a fatal error, Putin is king.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made the fateful decision after the scandal, the national security Council.

Also Politeka wrote that danyluk had said all he thinks about Zelensky.